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Ladies and gentleman Brad Kearns turns a big fat 21 years old this weekend. Knowing this, we saw it only fitting to give the birthday boy his long overdue staff pick feature. Brad turned the tables on us and did something no one else has done yet and used his feature as an opportunity to voice his views on the current state of snowboarding. Clearly he has had this on his mind a minute and we are happy to give him the chance to say it. Aside from the mitten comment, we can see where he’s coming from. He makes a lot of insightful comments and has valid points.  Of course, it’s easy to be disgruntled when you can do almost every trick there is on a rail.  Brad is text book on everything and does it with an effortless style. He is a damn good snowboarder, everyone knows that.  Maybe he’s just bored…he may just have to spice it up a ‘lil bit and start lighting the rail on fire or putting broken glass and stuff on the side and landings.  Regardless we think Brad is rad! So for now, I think we will just let you read and watch this and you can form your own opinions on his riding and his…..opinions.


Brad’s Part from Sandwich from Kyle Kearns on Vimeo.

Name Brad Kearns
Hometown Portage, Michigan
Resort Bittersweet
Set Up Rome garage rocker 152
Union contact bindings
Celsius boots
Stance Regular
Video Credit Kyle Kearns

Give us some info on you. Anything you want to talk about snowboard related.

I started snowboarding when I was about 6 years old. I would come home from elementary school and snowboard every day I could and beg my parents to take me to Bittersweet or Timberridge. Back then snowboarding was awesome. Bittersweet and Timberidge were putting in the first few rails and jumps. It was cool watching all of the snowboard videos from that time because there were so many new tricks being done.

As the years went on I continued to love snowboarding, but there was something missing. Besides the insane double and triple corks I felt that snowboarding progression had come to a standstill in a sense.  All of the rail tricks that are possible on a snowboard have been done before and it’s kind of boring to watch snowboard videos now days.  If you watch snowboard videos from like 2005 or so they are doing tricks that are on par with the tricks in today’s videos.  I also miss how snowboarding looks in videos. Today a snowboard part consists of a person that is snowboarding to a rap song doing tricks that have been done a million of times or something close to that.  The person is most likely trying super hard to look cool and impress people.  What videos now days are missing is showing a bit of the person’s personality in the video and that the person has a lot of fun snowboarding.

michigan boarder, snowboard, michigan, midwest, snowboarding, Brad Kearns

I’m really starting to not like where snowboarding is going now days. There are way too many trends and “crews”.   There are a few things that I hate about the snowboard community now days.  A few things are when people wear fishing hats and big mittens.  You are not fishing and your mittens are the size of boxing gloves.  People need to stop following trends and start being themselves.   Also, people need to stop snowboarding just to get sponsored or go pro.  What’s the deal with people gapping to the flat on kink rails? Don’t they realize that they will just break their board? It’s not even cool and it takes no skill to skip all of the kinks.

I know many people will think I am crazy, but I am excited to try and snowskates at resorts this year.  I believe that this sport could become cooler than just the backyard toy.  This sport is something fresh and has a lot of room for progression. I can’t wait to see people hitting 70 foot park jumps on them.

michigan boarder, snowboard, michigan, midwest, snowboarding, Brad Kearns

Talk about the edit:

The edit is from 2011/2012 winter. I didn’t film at all last winter due to Kyle not being around and the lack of snow so this is my latest footage.  Hopefully this winter we get some good snow.

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