Blaster by Nixon

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Blaster by Nixon

Who :
What : Blaster
Where : Your local Nixon dealer
When : Available now
Why : Bluetooth, Seamless Rubber outer, Precision tuned acoustics, Internal Battery, External controls, and microphone.

NIXON | THE BLASTER from Nixon on Vimeo.

How : Bluetooth connects to most devices (it does have an external aux port and cord for non-Bluetooth devices). The seamless rubber construction makes it shock/water/sand resistant for rocking out anywhere! The precision-tuned acoustics have a full-range clarity and low distortion at any level. An internal rechargeable battery has extra capacity for up to 12 hours of continuous play, and charges via included USB cord. Convenient volume/playback/home buttons allow you to control your device with the Blaster! Play/Pause, Track select, Track scrub, Volume control! You can even answer phone calls via the integrated microphone with most smartphones.

Personal Thoughts: This thing is amazing. Took it to the skatepark the other day, set it on a 1/4 pipe in the middle of the park, perfect. Needed some background music at my daughters Birthday party, people thought it was a home system. It’s super easy to use and incredible how loud it actually gets. In a small room you would have to boarder line yell at the person next to you to have a conversation when the volume is on 11. Stop by your local Nixon dealer and hear one for yourself. I’ve heard many other portable speakers in the same price range and not a single on compares to the volume and sound quality that blasts out of this thing!

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