JP Walker Light by Thirtytwo

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JP Walker Light by Thirtytwo

Who : Thirtytwo
What : JP Walker Light
Where : Your local Thirtytwo Dealer
When : Get em now before their gone
Why : Level 1 Footbed and liner, 1:1 Fit, STI Evolution Foam Outsole, Articulating Cuff, 3D Molded Tongue, Intuition Liners
How : The Level 1 Footbed and Liner provide a soft, smooth flex and unmatched feel touching every part of you feet.

  • STI Evolution Foam Outsole makes your boots as light as your shoes and even more comfortable!
  • The articulating cuff allows the upper shell of the boot to flex around the lower giving a superb fit no matter which direction or how hard you’re tweaking your boots.
  • The 3D tongue is pre-molded around you foot so there’s no chance of pinching from your boots or binding straps.
  • 32’s Intuition Liners are specifically designed to be the most comfortable, heat moldable liners on the market. It’s pretty much impossible for these to not fit, no matter what kind of circus feet you may have.

Personal Thoughts : When I first tested these boots I was only planning on riding em 1 day. I ended up spending 3 straight days in these puppies! I rode from the top of Mt. Hood (well, as high as the Palmer lift would go) to Government Camp and everything in between.  From high-speed groomers (hit 61mph on one run) to slower rail-to-rail passes through the park, this boot held up like a champ. The moment you slip your pigs into these Comfort Liners they give you the feeling of wrapping marshmallows snugly around your feet. Coupling that with the Independent Eyestay you have a boot that fits like a glove! It’s one of the easiest boots to lace up properly. If all of these features aren’t enough, it’s called the “Light” for a reason. The STI Evolution Foam outsole not only adds cushion and all day comfort under you feet but a PAIR of size 11’s doesn’t even hit 4 lbs on the scale! JP is obviously known for his rail riding abilities but not many know he put down the first ever double cork back in 2003 riding back country. He rides his boots no matter where he is. So don’t assume this is a street, rail riding, park boot. If you like soft boots and want to ride the whole mountain, look no further.

*This review is strictly my personal thoughts and experience and should by no means be the reason you buy a certain boot. NEVER EVER buy boots without trying them (and other comparable boots) on in a store. Your boot is your most important piece of equipment HANDS DOWN and no matter what the company/color/lacing system the boot that fits and feels the best IS the best boot for you. Spend a little more on your boots as well if you need to ($50 goes way further in a boot than it does in a board)

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