News Bitches!!!! (January 11)

Sexton at the Yellow Rails on Howard

This week in snowboarding……..

So just because the polar shit-show reared up and showed its whore mouth doesn’t mean cool things didn’t happen this week. Actually some awesome stuff happened this week. You may have just got stuck at the end of your driveway and didn’t notice….

So the pros were in Michigan and by the time you read this they will be gone…that is not an accident. We’ve know for a minute that the Think Thank Crew and Video Grass crew were filming here in the Mitten and it was hard for me to not announce it (some of you saw the now deleted post I made earlier in the week). Think Thank was in Grand Rapids and Video Grass was here in Kalamazoo.  Joe Sexton, Jake OE, Justin Fronius and Danimals were in Chicago last week and MB staff member, Matt Thommen, made them a list of spots here in Kalamazoo. Sure enough they came in and set some shit up. I can’t tell you everything they hit, but the famous Yellow Rails just got handled…..

MB's Ben Vrobel wih the VG dudes at Applebee's

MB ‘s Ben Vrobel has a drink with VG crew at Applebee’s on Westnedge

As if that weren’t enough, a healthy portion of Mervin MFG street dudes and chick will be at Hawk Island this Saturday and Sunday doing some shredding.  With names like Jesse Burtner, Ted Borland, Max Warbington, Danyale Patterson and Brandon Reis you may want to head on over there for a pretty special opportunity.  We will have more extensive coverage in next week’s update.

hawk flier

In case you thought the terrain park-powerhouse Cannonsburg wasn’t on point as it is; this weekend they’re having the grand re-opening of their Monster City park set up featuring some of the most elaborate, fun, big, and visually appealing features this side of the glove. This should be numero uno on the priority list. The event starts at 11 am and is intended to be hassle free and a guaranteed good time.


cburg event

One of MB’s favorite filmers, Nathan Kudla, managed to put together one of our favorite edits of the season while he was home for winter break. I believe Nathan is currently of the Cburg fame, but considers Pine Nob home. We aren’t sure if this is fact or just good filming, but the park looks kinda fun. I guess there is only one way for us to find out. Anyways, this edit is chock full of talent and is a damn good watch.


Holiday Season Shrimps from Nathan Kudla on Vimeo.

 Winter storm Richard was good for one thing …street. Well I mean it was good for more than that, but it  pissed me off a little. This week has provided some banger shots.

Adam Rottschafer (Photo:  Dominic Palarchio)

Adam Rottschafer
(Photo: Dominic Palarchio)

Harrison Mcilhargey (Photo: Dominic Palarchio)

Harrison Mcilhargey
(Photo: Dominic Palarchio)

Andrew Carroll (Photo: Trent Anderson)

Andrew Carroll
(Photo: Trent Anderson)

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We have been to some “new to us” terrain parks this week, reviews to follow soon. More park visits are scheduled for this week as well, with our focus on getting to the eastside. We are pretty stoked on that. Brighton is starting their Friday night rail jam series this Friday, we’re super curious about this place.

brighton flier

John Curtis and his amazing terrain park staff have put together another feel good “I love Nubs Park” edit. We are proud to announce that our re-launch of michiganboarder will include a “Nubs Nob TV”.   Pretty stoked on that! We are very proud to have built a quality relationship with these guys. They are good dudes and that’s that shit we do like!

I Love Nub’s Park – S3.EP.2 – Up and At’Em ! from Nub’s Nob Webcasts on Vimeo.



Briefly we just want to say that 2013 was all-in-all fantastic for us. MB learned right away who our enemies were (yes unfortunately we have them) and more importantly who our friends are. If we accomplished nothing else, the new friends and acquaintances we have made this year have proven this endeavor worthwhile.   We have a lot to work on and are continuously ironing out the kinks.  We are currently building michiganboarder v2.0, which is on a whole new level compared to what we have been doing. It took us a minute to see what was useful and to be honest to find our way. We got some rad shit coming down the pipe  that should make the whole experience far superior to what we have currently in every aspect.  We appreciate the people who support us a great deal. I mean, we love you! 2014 has started with the best snow conditions we’ve had in a long time. MB will be busy as fuck and we’re looking for video and photography contributors, but most of all we are looking for writers. If you want to join the team hit us up in a message at .  So yeah, 2014 is gonna be sick! See ya soon!

ILoveNub’sPark X from Nub’s Nob Webcasts on Vimeo.

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