News Betches!!!! (January 25)

This week we have some eye candy for you one of them being one of the sharpest mini-edits of the year from filmier/editor Stewart Smith featuring a portion of the BBNBN (Blunts Brew and Bad News) crew. Although short, it’s visually amazing.  We hope this is a sign of what’s to come from the BBNBN’s upcoming video project from Smith.  Aside from the BBNBN kids, this edit features some Flanel and Drip Squad dudes. Riders Alec Ash, Dominic Palarchio, Chad Wolfe, Jack Harris and Mark Hartmann all have a trick or two.  Check dat shit!

One Afternoon/Evening In Michigan from S2 Filmworks on Vimeo.

Another crew of bad asses has formed. The Mullet Chicken dudes are mostly based out of GR and are comprised of a bunch of solid youngsters including; Brandon and Jeremy Vandyke, Parker Gough, Caleb Cuneo, Kyle Caswell, and Blake Posthumous. This roster also includes our buddies at now Michigan-based shred company Echelon snowboard’s regional rider Evan Erickson and his brother Avery. Earlier this week they dropped a teaser of what promises to be one of the highlight crew edits for the season. Peep the trailer…

Mullet Chicken The Movie Teaser from Evan Erickson on Vimeo.

Pando OG Zeppelin Zeerip has small edit from his stay here during the holidays. This short was filmed by his sister Zoe and features a few tricks at Pando, Cburg, and the lakeshore. Zep’s a super cool cat and we are pretty stoked to have met him finally while he was home! Here is his short…

Michigan Daze from Zeppelin zeerip on Vimeo.

 Cburg’s head terrain master dropped a lil guy as well featuring riding from Cburg locals Rees Bowden, Jamie Charron, and a super fun run from Marc himself… good shit!

Hot Laps #2 – Rees, Marc & Jaime from Cannonsburg Ski Area on Vimeo.

We’ve had a rough week working on our new site which makes keeping to our schedule of Thursday updates impossible. Just when we get bummed out and feel like doing something else something like this pops up and keeps us alive. To have found this randomly on the interwebs was a nice surprise, but to be in the same paragraph as some of these dudes made our season! Thank You Mr. Neuman, we are back to being stoked!!!!!

“It’s so fascinating to ponder how the Michigan snowboard culture has evolved over the past decade—recollecting the days of Pat Lynch, the Keegans, and the PK crew…Human doing vols 1/2!? Or the Mt Holly OGs like Josh Nelson…and people like Marc Moline and Antix Media..still remember the premiere for Midwest What in Grand Rapids before the Cannonsburg Ski Area scene was anything at all. And movers and pushers like Pete Harvieux who paved the way for the mitten boardin’ community. Now there are so many young shredders killing it, inundated with passing fads and trends, with exponential skill but a perspective too narrow sometimes to see the roots of it all. I’m psyched by the present and thankful to have experienced some of this in it’s earlier seed phases before everyone and their sister could do front blunt sameways. It’s a cool succession, now seeing rad dudes like Levi Ryerson and Rich Whinnie with their feet in the industry…hills like Cannonsburg, Hawk Island Snow Park, and Mt. Brighton ramping up their park quality… and young projects like Michigan showcasing this changing community…Keep on keepin’ on, and shred with purpose!”

So, last but not least Brighton made the cover of the Wall Street Journal. We thought that was rad! Having not been there yet (although we’ll be there soon) we thought we would stop by their Facebook. This is what people are saying….

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What a disaster. Excited to try the new and improved Mt. Brighton. We have been waiting in line for almost a hour to buy lift tickets. They need to let people sign up for their priority program online. Very disappointed in Vail’s management of this. We will not be back.

Even when my expectations are low you seem to find a way not to meet them. Icy, melted out and crooked, VERY poorly maintained parks today. I realize how the temps recently have affected snow. I know the snow is dry at the moment and a nice crust has formed underneath the granular. I also know how to fix it and how to work with it and maintain it. One would think that the world class, industry leading powers that be would also. The pledge and marketing campaign for excellence and the commitment to mediocrity at best are both unparalleled in this case. Even at a 269 dollar college pass the product is far inferior to the value.

Pathetic. Is your resort really owned by Vail? Because your customer service and quality aren’t even in the same ballpark as the rest of your resorts. I am so disappointed that I bought a season pass to Mt Brighton. The lift line for lift #2 is constantly lengthy yet you never open up lift #1 to accommodate for the number of customers. That is absolutely unacceptable. I drove to your resort last Saturday, saw the parking lot completely overflowing yet lift #1 was shut down. So I turned around and drove out to Alpine Valley where they were running all of their lifts, it was a way more comfortable atmosphere and their snow quality is comparable if not better. I should have never left Alpine Valley expecting that your facility would be better. The ONLY good thing about my season pass at Mt Brighton is that I can ride out west. I will be taking my business to Alpine Valley for the remainder of the season and will not suggest or speak highly of Mt Brighton to any of my friends or relatives. Instead I will make sure they know the superiority of your competition.

And finally…

OK so I’m seriously bummed for buying a season pass at Mt Brighton. I’ve bought a season pass to MT Brighton for over 8 years now. This year I was expecting a better advanced terrain park to take place however that is not the case. In the last few years rails have been becoming an extremely important part of the terrain park. If you’re going to have a small hill like Mt Brighton where long insane powder runs just aren’t something you get to do you need to focus on what’s possible… I see that there is a beginner terrain park that includes many box rails. This is awesome for the people starting to snowboard. I also admire the signature feature I know a lot of work was put into that. What I don’t understand is the fact that there are only three rails in the advanced terrain park (A flat bar a donkey dick and a small flat rail that drops to another flat rail). There is only one other rail located on this entire hill which is located by the ever short jump line.(The down bar rail) Now also when you decide to hit this rail and you fall or don’t get off right, you’re not going to have enough speed to hit the other two jumps. This is completely inconvenient. It takes about seven minutes to get back to the top from the chair lift. I have stopped jibbing this rail because I don’t want to wait seven minutes to hit one feature much like everyone else who has stopped hitting it. I rarely actually see anyone hit this feature. Snowboarders will always skip the rail and just hit the two jumps. Could you move the down bar rail to where the other two rails are located in the advanced terrain park? (Donkey dick and flat bar) When entering Mt Brighton it’s the terrain park that’s most left. Let me also add that it seems to me you have put all your support for the terrain park on snow park technologies which to my surprise has visited Mt Brighton for three total days out of the whole season. We have had a good amount of snow this season and more than plenty days to make snow. Now that we have more snow wouldn’t it be a wise decision to put more jumps into the jump line? There is easily enough space to put two more jumps where the jump line is located. I have this weird feeling that the only reason this jump line hasn’t had any more jumps added to it is because you depend greatly on snow park technologies. Do your park crew / other park managers lack the experience to build a proper jump line? I have one last favor. I know many advanced snowboarders that have stopped snowboarding at Mt Brighton because of the lack of advanced snowboard rails. In fact they now snowboard at a 30 foot hill called Hawk Island that’s not much further away in East Lansing because the advanced park is much better. Hawk Island just has more advanced features. I’ll add two videos which includes snowboarding at Hawk of friends. I’ve stopped going to Mt Brighton and I still have a season pass. I’m now spending my time at Hawk Island because I can’t progress at Mt Brighton anymore. Hawk Island doesn’t even get much funding. However Mt Brighton has received 10million dollars! So, what I’m asking is for the sake of the more advanced snowboarders who are trying to progress. Can you order some more rails for the advanced terrain park? Can you get creative in the features like you do at Keystone, Breck, Northstar and all other Vail resorts? Can we have some more support here at Mt Brighton! I love the snowboarding community. I love all the people that show a passion for the sport. But can you please give the more advanced riders what they want? I would more than love to talk to you how we can improve the advanced terrain park. I could even invite friends who have been snowboarding for years so we can put a lot of different opinions on what would be great for the advanced terrain park and how to make it more fun. Let’s get some high fives going! Let’s get this advanced terrain park on the move!

On a positive note next week is Boyne Highlands 50th anniversary and that’s pretty cool!

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