Mutiny by DC

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Mutiny by DC

Who : DC
What : Mutiny
Where : Your local DC dealer
When : Head to your local DC dealer today!
Why : Unilite Outsole, Direct Power Lacing, Wrap Lock Hardware, Lacing Leverage, 3D Tongue, and Molded Backstay.

How : 1 piece Unilite foam outsole is incredibly lightweight and provides ultimate cushioning.  Strategically designed overlays in the upper provide more leverage for a tighter lacing and more snug fit. The Wrap Lock hardware ensures you lace your boots once and they stay tight until your done riding. To ensure total comfort the 3D Tongue is pre-molded around your foot and eliminates any possibility of tongue bite. The molded backstay gives you a perfect flex-to-edge control combination.

Personal Thoughts : Right outta the box, no break in time, no heat molding… felt like I’d been riding em all season! DC definitely got Emeril on their boots this year and kicked em up a notch. The new liners are well worth their weight in gold. The Mutiny is a great mid flexing boot that’s not to stiff to ride rails but sturdy enough to go crank some turns and float in some pow. One of the lightest boots I’ve had on my feet and a $200 price point that won’t break the bank.

*This review is strickly my personal thoughts and experience and should by no means be the reason you buy a certain boot. NEVER EVER buy boots without trying them (and other comparable boots) on in a store. Your boot is your most important piece of equipment HANDS DOWN and no matter what the company/color/lacing system the boot that fits and feels the best IS the best boot for you. Spend a little more on your boots as well if you need to ($50 goes way further in a boot than it does in a board)


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