Mullet Chicken

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Mullet Chicken… a crew? A video project? Well both actually. Another heavy hitting crew has popped up in the Mitten and is dropping bangin’ ass teaser material left and right.  With the majority of the roster hailing from shred proving ground, Pando Snow Park, the edit is sure to be full of hammers. We wanted to let everyone know the score, but wasn’t to sure on all the facts surrounding these dudes so we chatted up young mullet Evan Erickson to give us all the details…




What is Mullet Chicken?

A chicken with a mullet, but also a crew for the homies by the homies and you can only be inducted in by an inside homie. Make sense?

Where did the name come from?

Jeremy VanDyke was skating in the summer and he saw a guy with a mullet. 
Then later that day he drew a chicken and he remembered the guy with a mullet, so he drew a mullet on the chicken and bam, Mullet Chicken.

What is the rider roster?

Jeremy VanDyke, Brandon Vandyke, Avery Erickson, Evan Erickson, Thom Rosely, Kyle Caswell, Andy Smith, and some other people who most likely won’t have full parts including Parker Gough, Jonny Sischo, Blake Posthumus and Caleb Cuneo.

Where is the team based out of?

Pando Winter Sports Park

What is the goal for the year?

We are trying to just film some good ol’ snowboardin in the streets with some neat tricks and have fun while doing it.

When does the video come out?

Early fall probably. It takes me a long time for me to edit.

What is the goal for the video?

Get a little coverage coming out of Michigan and have the rest of the country not think Michigan is full of a bunch of gapers.

To make a better video than Total Revenue” -Brandon VanDyke

Chicken Wing from Evan Erickson on Vimeo.

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