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We have an awesome opportunity with this staff pick to kill multiple birds with one stone: we finally get to do a write up on someone from Pando, we get to focus on a shred supported by the now locally produced board company Echelon Snowboards, and then on top of all that we can tie it all in with this week’s Mullet Chicken feature. #winning

Evan is a 16-year-old bous! Not that this is any sort of a surprise considering talented young shreds are popping up all over the Grand Rapids area. Evan, however, despite the stiff local competition is a standout rider.  Dude has a big bag of tricks that he executes in a very relaxed manner. I have seen him ride numerous times this year and he is super fun to watch. Pretty stoked on what the future may hold for this youngster.

Evan is fortunate enough to all ready get board help from Echelon Snowboards, which is extremely fitting considering they are now being produced right here in Michigan. We haven’t reviewed any of their Michigan built decks yet, but will be soon. You can see the review we did of the board Evan rides right here.

By the end of the season Evan, along with the rest of the Mullet Chicken crew, will put out a season edit that promises to be one of the best watches of the year and we are really excited for its arrival. In the meantime sit back and watch Evan’s 50 day edit right here!

50 Days from Evan Erickson on Vimeo.


Name Evan Erickson
Resort Pando Winter Sports Park
Set Up 149 Echelon Killbox
Switchback Bindings
Nike Vapen Boots
Stance 15 and 15
Video Credit Brandon VanDyke, Blake Posthumus, and Caleb Cuneo…
basically all the Mullet Chicken boys put in some work behind the lens
at some point since I’m the main filmer of the group.

Give us some info on you. Anything you want to talk about snowboard related.

michigan boarder, sowboard, michigan, midwest, snowboarding, Evan EricksonI am 16 years old and I started boarding in 6th grade on one of those plastic boards and have been stoked ever since. I ride at Pando 2/3 of the time and the other third at Cannonsburg and then the occasional up north trip or whatever. This year we’ve been riding the streets more and more which is super fun and I’m super pumped on the shots we have gotten so far and we still have so many spots in mind. I am sponsored by Echelon Snowboards and Romp Snowboard Wear and am so thankful for all of their support they have given me. Snowboarding has given me some of my best friends and that’s the best thing snowboarding has given me. I definitely want to continue snowboarding as long as I can and maybe work in the industry in some way.

Talk about the edit.

It’s a compilation of all the park shots I have from the 50 days that I have snowboarded this year.

Links you want to share.
the whole crew killin it in our latest park edit.
get hyped on Mullet Chicken The Movie. Its gonna be hotter than lava on your popcorn.
I like this vid.
Last year’s season edit



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