News Betches!!! (February 7)

News Betches!

Ah yes it’s that time of week again. The time you have all been waiting for; your weekly installment of…News Betches! That’s not the official name, but just something we have been kicking around the office. We also know you haven’t been pacing around for seven days per say, but at least anxious to an obscene amount. Right? Ok.

To start this shit off, we have a rad new site and over the period of the next week we will be adding a bunch of new stuff including our first trick tip video. This category, Trick Tips, is open to submissions by the way, so we hope you see that while it is being taken seriously it is definitely all in good fun.  We understand if you are too “murda” for that though.  We will be updating our store soon with shirts and die cuts. Valiant Himself designed one of our shirts we are proud to say. If you didn’t know, Valiant had some design work on early Volcom stuff and is the singer of the super meaty band Valiant Thorr. Shit is soo sick.  Aside from needing better organization and archiving, michiganboarder 2.0 will hopefully prove superior in both form and function.

Some of you may have heard that we had this grandiose idea of doing a photo yearbook at the end of the year. As of right now are still planning on seeing this through. It is going to be expensive, but we are going to do our best to make it happen. Basically we are going to choose some of the best photographs from the year and make a magazine to be distributed. This will be free. We aren’t trying to cash in on anyone’s work; we just think it would be something that if done appropriately could be really cool to have. Again being such a grand venture we cannot promise this as a reality, but I have become nearly obsessed, so that’s a pretty good sign. Please continue to submit your two best photos to

So MB was basically molested last week to our surprise. One of the photos of our team rider, Ben Robbert, which was shot by MB photographer Jon Mollema for MB, was found on the cover of February’s copy of Smash Mag totally distorted and misshapen. This is a free publication you can find in restaurants, small music venues, and bars in the southwest Michigan area. We wouldn’t have been so bent out of shape had there been photo and rider credit in any form. Hell, we would have probably been ok with it if they hadn’t completely vomited on the quality of Jon’s photo, but they did, so we had words and in short we worked it out. The real problem now is that since Ben got the cover he has changed. He can’t go anywhere without talking to his “people”. Shits bonkers!

We got fucked photo

Michigan’s Dominic Palarchio (dude rips) has one of his pictures entered in a contest that could potentially get his ass on a free trip out west. Show some love and generosity and toss that dude a vote. It’s really a hassle free process. His pic is on the left. You’re not just blindly voting either; his is way better.


I think it was in our first News Betches! article I told everyone (after the fact) that Think Thank and Video grass were in Kalamazoo and Grand Rapids and everyone was like “oh cool” and now that Videograss and ThinkThank are putting out teasers its like HOLY SHIT!!  Man… come to us first dudes. We got you!



Grand Rapids

Think Thank Almanac Teaser from Snowboarder Magazine on Vimeo.


Next week will one of the busy weeks for us. We will be at Test Fest at Boyne in the beginning of the week, and then we will head to Cannonsburg for the Meijer State Games event, and finally back to Nubs for their Beat the Local event and the Jacob Clute Memorial event.

Cburg-flier cburg games course

clute flier

Beat Local

 Mt. Brighton has a rail jam this weekend that has a flier, which implies that there will be dunk college girls and a Flosstradamous concert. We find this easier to believe than a worthwhile rail competition based on all the recent comments surrounding that place. In all fairness we haven’t been there because everyone tells us not to. You talk… we listen.

brighton rail jam


Hawk Island is on point right now with a fresh re-build and apparently two nice new rails that just showed up. We dig that place. If you haven’t tasted the Hawk, we suggest you get up in that.



Nubs Nob, as always, put out yet another awesome park edit. These guys have fun and enjoy stoking other people out! We back the shit outta this place for reealz!


I Love Nub’s Park – S3.EP.3 – Natural Born Killa’s from Nub’s Nob Webcasts on Vimeo.


Speaking of Nubs, the amazin’ Canadian that you can sometimes find there, Dan Pandzic, has one of the coolest backyard set-ups ever. He calls it “Dandy Land”.  Dude destroys. I am going to call him the Wolverine. Yes, the Wolverine! Why? ‘Cuz he is Canadian and has a beard sort of. I decide! Watch him get buck in his backyard!



and last, but not least the ever illusive Drip Squad iphone edit. That’s right! That’s that shit we do like!


R.I.P. Drip Squad from BVRNOVTS on Vimeo.

 As always feel free to send us your photos, edits, and suggestions. This year has been killer so far hope everyone is having a good time! Word….


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