Hey everyone!  Welcome to the 2013/2014 preseason.  I’m gonna start this off by saying thank you to everyone who has supported this truly grass roots effort.  A special shout out our contributors, our team, the people who gave us the time of day when presenting this idea, all our friends who collaborated on this joint and to our designer, Calvin Maloney, who put up with 6 months of disorganization and bullshit. We truly believe we are doing this for the right reasons.

Last year at Boyne’s end of the year bit (where Strick broke his leg in the first 5 minutes) we were getting this hotel and I was thinking ‘man kids should have a forum where they can ask to be put up at someone’s crib and do it for someone else if they come their way’.  Then I got to thinking ‘man kids don’t know kids outside of their resort’.  That isn’t any good. So here we are. If anything at all comes out of this, I hope it’s that a larger community is born.

Here’s the news guys.  We’re going to promote you. We’re going to post your edits. We’re going to post your comp results. We’re going to tell you about new gear.  We’re going to post your events. We’re going to talk about interesting people and things that relate to our community.  We’re going to introduce you to someone else miles away.  We’re going to show up at your resort and make friends with you. We’re also gonna make friends with your girl. We’re gonna talk trash.  We are going to do our best to make Michigan snowboarding more than it has been.

Our staff is legit.  We are snowboarders. Not the “oh I snowboard” snowboarder. We are the “oh I am fuckin’ obsessed, it’s July and why isn’t it snowing” snowboarder.  That being said we will introduce ourselves on the site here and there but for now we are the MB staff and winter is coming!


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