Liko Smith Responds to Recent Press Regarding Ownership

To all Sugar Loafers,

I was born prematurely weighing 4lbs at 3am on a Tuesday morning at an Army hospital. The Doctor looked at my mother and said if he can sprint for 48 hours straight, then he’ll live, if he stops for 1 second, he will die. ..over the next day I lost 30% of my body weight as my lungs and organs were sprinting-  my father was called in from Ranger School to attend my funeral which they expected would be at the end of the week – (2.5 lb babies didn’t live long in those days). I have always been impatient, driven and against the grain, it is my life and not something I am remotely afraid of…now for the update. 
I have spoken to the sellers once again today. The deal I have is with the parent company of Sugar Loaf. I do not require a broker, a middleman or a newspaper columnist(s) to add or detract from my business dealings with the seller. This is chess not checkers. Negative parties can toss all the innuendos, drama and obstacles in our way to try and stop this from happening. It makes the victory in the end that much better when we finally get this ball across the line,
However, I will not arrive at Sugar Loaf until I am properly titled, the inspection report is completed and a plan is finalized to re-open Sugar Loaf as The RoK by Thanksgiving of this year that I can present to the County. AFTER I arrive, I will meet with my financiers and work out the financial aspects of making it happen for approvals within 30 days based upon the Countys’ comments. There is no easy way to do this and any buyer(s) who assumes they can shortcut the process is fooling themselves. The resort findings from the County are critical to any final offer to acquire. I am fully involved in other business dealings on the West Coast that require my daily attention and will focus on these for now.
My deal with the sellers is in place and has been for some time, they have an option to take a better deal if they find it; if they do – it can only benefit Sugar Loaf in the long run and regardless of my personal feelings, that would be a good thing for the community and tourist destination I have learned to love.. Unfortunately, I find it very doubtful that a buyer can do what my team and I can do in the time allotted and with the amount of passion that it will take to pull this off in 6 months. I am willing to wait 30 days for the inspection report to come to light and for the chips to fall where they may as this drama unfolds.
The greatest thing to come out of the last 6 months is the fact that the County no longer sees Sugar Loaf as a “relic” of the past but can now confirm that The Resort (and the mountain) can be brought to life as Iv’e always said from the very beginning. There is HOPE.
As to the reporters and those that say I am “Out Of The Picture” – believe what you want. I can say that none of the people reporting in this incident have spent one dollar to re-open the Loaf, nor one day doing anything other than “watching:” while those of us in the arena are “fighting, striving and bleeding:”…I’m sure you’ve got nice seats…get comfy.
The Video Below says it ALL. 
Stay Tuned Snowboarders…

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