Test Fest in a nutshell

So everyone is crawling back home from Test Fest with the shades on and the Advil in hand. I predict that this year’s event may be responsible for the next baby boom. I’m pretty sure Boyne needs to drain and bleach their hot tub. I have no evidence; I literally took no pics. Why? …because I spent the majority of my time nursing a headache at the Dino and Nitro tent. Occasionally I managed to slink my way over to hang with the Rome guys. They were doing pretty good all things considered and didn’t start to show signs of wear until the later days of the event. Don’t get me wrong snowboarding happened. I mean we tested a lot of gear, but sadly, since Boyne didn’t run their park lift I feel like the shred had been dulled down quite a bit. I mean seriously? You are hosting Test Fest; a pretty heavy collection of sick shreds are at you’re resort testing new gear and you don’t run the park lift? Meh!

Below is the only snowboarding photo I have seen from test fest. Its a goodie though! Elder god Pete Harvieux ripping on his Interior Plain Project deck!

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However, in Boyne’s defense they do know how to kick it. Their hospitality to the patrons of the event was quality. I could go on and on about how fun it was, but instead I am going to make a top three list of pertinent info…

Worst things about Boyne’s accommodations

3. $200 ATM limit
2. $20 Breakfast Buffett
1. No hot water

Best things about Boyne’s accommodations

3. Sheets smell like bleach
2. Free food and beer was way better than average
1. Staff was all really nice… and patient.

Brands that partied the hardest

3. Everyone who isn’t 2 or 1
2. Rome
1. Nitro

Best tent workers

3. Ted / Thirtytwo
2. Chris Brewer, Big Doug , Adam Kimborough / Nitro
1. Charlie Hoffman, Scotty Sparks / Rome

Best three graphics from next year

3. Dinosaurs Will Die MAET
2. Capita Defenders of Awesome
1. Nitro Kooley Pro

Worst graphics from next year

3. Capita Ultrafear
2. Never Summer Evo
1. The rest of Never Summers boards

Things that surprised us

3. Rome boots look dang good
2. Union fucked up their binding line
1. Camo is still prevalent

Things I would have done different

3. Not gone to the party on Monday night
2. Not told the girl who was there with a friend that the guy laying on the floor was “on her team”.
1. Stayed in a condo and not a room.

Instead of hitting you with all sorts of half assed reviews of the products we tested we’ll do some quality reviews of the key products and get ‘em up a.s.a.p. We got to leave with some rad stuff so expect sneak peaks of next year’s gear soon!

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