News Betches! (February 14, 2014)

Shaun White didn’t win a gold medal and we couldn’t be happier. We love America don’t get us wrong, but I am pretty sure this will put in motion a chain of events that will actually benefit everyone in someway; like in Back To The Future when Michael J. Fox saves his Uncle Joey from being a jailbird. Yeah like that. Not exactly, but ya know, future outcome and stuff.

So, Test Fest at Boyne Mountain just happened. I could write a book about it, but instead I wrote very little. Here is a brief overview of the event. Here is a picture of where I slept.
Cozy beds at the Boyne Hof!

Here is a pic of Brewer and his tongue. I mean what do you want from me?
Brewers Tongue
Nathan Kudla has divulged that the feared band of seemingly unusually attractive young shreds, known by the name Total Revenue, will be dropping a crew edit at the end of the season. I mean that’s like five banger ass crews working on season vids. Pretty stoked on that! Sam Schowalter, Harrison Mcilhargey, Brett Kulas, Sam Ralston, and Nate himself will all be featured along with a few shots from other friends I’m sure. A teaser edit circulated Facebook earlier this week. In case you missed it here it is!

Total Revenue Teaser from Nathan Kudla on Vimeo.


Probably the raddest shop in the state, People Skate and Snow, has a sick little contest going on.


Lobster rep Brad Steuer recently hooked up MB co-captain Matt Thommen with the Lobster Nose Job deck. This deck is intended to allow the do-it-yourselfer to customize tip and tail shapes. As long as you don’t cut past the stitch… full warranty. That’s pretty rad and this is goddamn masterpiece.


As if Hawk Island couldn’t be anymore convenient they now allow you to rent boards. Hawk is the balls man! They also just made the “top 10 most important geographical anomalies in the world” list, so that’s pretty cool. I made that up, but if you snowboard and don’t go there you’re doing yourself an injustice.

Hawk Island

Heaven in Michigan…Nubs Nob has two events happening this weekend! On Saturday, The Beat the Local event takes place. I don’t know how this works or which local your going to snowboard against, but I believe it’s like a game of SKATE. You should know if you’re riding against Charlie you’ll probably lose. However, since those guys are so nice and the place is so fun you might not mind losing. You can plan on going to have the best time you’ve had all year. On Sunday, the Jacob Clute Memorial Shred is going down. You can read a little about Jacob here. Another day of good vibes and fun times at Nubs!

Beat Local

clute flier

Dominic Palarchio had a picture of his published in the 30th issue of Steez Magazine. The cover was shot by Ian Ruhter. Ian is a pretty big deal, so to be in the same mag as some of his stuff I imagine is a pretty big honor for Dom! Congrats man!Dom

Looks like Mt. Holly has some new new!

Holly New feature

The Meijer State games at Cannonsburg start today. Tonight is the ceremony and the Big Air comp. Marc and crew put a boatload of time into this. I mean, I was there like two weeks ago and they started the build. Last time my home resort had an event they built it the morning of. Cannonsburg continually creates next level, good time events. Saturday is rails and slopestyle. I know there are a lot of really good events happening this weekend, but bottom line…. make sure you’re at one of ‘em each day. That’s our plan…best winter ever!


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