Beat the Local.

Pictures by Sawyer Blevins

This year’s Beat The Local event at Nubs was the best yet; with a decent turnout of young rippers and when I say rippers I mean rippers. The level of riding was definitely up from last year’s event and best of all it was a beautiful blue bird day.

Taking place in the Nubs Nob jibyard (serviced by the handle tow) riders had seven features to choose from when setting their trick. The contestants battled it out with three of the Nubs long time locals, Justin Ducker, Mike Fink, and myself (Charlie Hoffman).  Just like a game of PIG once you missed 4 tricks spelling S.N.O.W you were out.

Tricks ranged from backboard slides on the double kink to hardway cab 270s on the downbar. Taking nearly two hours for all contests to get out only one lasted and beat the locals, Brent Behm. Brent Behm, a gnarly ripper from southern Michigan, lasted through the ranks missing only two of the tricks set.  This win represents a back-to-back victory for Brent.

Everyone left in good spirits with some sort of product in their hands and spent the rest of the day lapping the park together.

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