News Betches! (February 21st)

Well let’s see, we had a solid week of good shit, where to begin?  I guess the biggest thing would be the awesome events that took place. Nubs hosted two banger super-fun-time shred gatherings. The first being the Beat the Local event on Saturday and then followed it up with one of the best days I had all year, the Jacob Clute Memorial Shred. Go ahead and go check those articles out.

Clute Gathering at the top of red

Clute Gathering at the top of red

Cannonsburg hosted the Meijer State Games. I was fortunate enough to have prime seating for that event as a judge in the rail and slopestyle portion of the festivities. The course was what we have all come to expect from Marc Moline and his staff at Cannonsburg…On point.

Noah Talentino, Meijer State games

Noah Talentino, Meijer State games


Chad Wolfe is the latest pilot for Midwest brand the Interior Plain Project. That dude rips! Pretty excited to see what he has in store edit wise for the end of the season. Until then check out this little snip from him shredding at Pine Nob.


Singles Line with Chad Wolfe from The Interior Plain Project on Vimeo.

 Mullet Chicken shred Evan Erickson grabbed a second place finish at the Downtown Showdown rail jam up in Marquette. That kids on fire right now.

Evan Erickson 2nd place

Evan Erickson 2nd place

Just a little reminder that we have an instagram #michiganboarder . Tag your pics! Follow us. Keep us in the loop with your shred activities. You don’t have to be Jon Kooley to get our love! We would really like to extend our reach to spots that don’t get much attention. Our whole initial purpose was to bridge the gap. Help us do so!

While we are on that sort of topic we have a place for you to send us your edits. Just because its not a feature on the site doesn’t mean you don’t have a home here. Send us your edits. Check out this fun edit of true OG Matt Kusebel putting it down, or should I say pulling it down at Bittersweet.

One gangsta run with koozballs aka me from Matt Kusbel on Vimeo.

 We will be posting some fun trick tip vids here shortly and we encourage you to do some as well. It’s all in good fun.  Think you have a banger photo? Send us those to! We can be reached at

Check out this pic of Hawk Island beast Tyler May that subsequently was also shot by Tyler May. He set the whole thing up and shot it. Get it done kids!

Tyler May, gap to flat

Tyler May, gap to flat


Olympian Karley Shorr is coming to hang out at Boyne Highlands. That’s cool.  I heard Highlands Park is pretty rad?

Pic 5


Holly is putting on a game of S.N.O.W. That’s always a good time. Hangout contests are kind of what’s up for us. Once resorts start putting kegs on the hill the stars will align.

Pic 6


Marc Moline shot a feel good vid with his boy Steven Cummings riding some fluff. I got to meet Steve the other day and man what a nice dude! Check the shred!

HOT LAPS #3 (POW LAPS) – STEVE CUMMINGS from Cannonsburg Ski Area on Vimeo.

We have the very last of this season’s Michigan Boarder die cuts available in our store and hopefully are shirts will be done soon as well. Now, before anyone jumps our shit on the shipping please realize that it costs almost a dollar to mail an envelope. These don’t fit in envelopes they are too long. The $2 for shipping is for any quantity and covers the cost of us buying a cardboard mailer to ship.


The raddest shop in the state, People Skate and Snow, is doing their Filmin February contest again. Better get on that!

Pic7 Filmin February

Oh yeah and they also have the sickest coaches jacket available. You should probably be “bout dat lyfe” and buy one.


PEOPLE JUG Coaches Jacket

PEOPLE JUG Coaches Jacket


And we will close this week’s news down with our homie Mac Eckstrand and his edit of a few runs at Bittersweet.

Bitterskeet v.2 ep.2 from Bad Larry on Vimeo.

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