Tone by DC

DC Tone


Tone by DC

Who : DC
What : Tone
Where : Your local DC dealer
When : Available now at finer DC retailers
Why : Anti-Camber Profile, Sintered Supreme Base, Stratus Core, Quadrax Glass, Camber Core

How : Anti-Camber rocker profile gives you extra stability in between your feet and a catch free floaty feel in the tips. The Sintered base is faster than dog snot. The Poplar stratus core in conjunction with the quadrax fiberglass layup ensures a lightweight board with excellent stability and pop! DC’s Camber Core is the secret ingredient that allows DC to give their Anti-Camber boards the pop of a traditional camber board. By adding a unique arch shaped profile to the wood core, the fiberglass takes on a completely new geometry, like that of a bridge. DC has integrated this arched fiberglass shape into the Anti-Camber zone to give their boards more pop and added resistance when flexing the tip and tail. This also gives their Anti-Camber boards the stability of a traditional camber deck

Personal Thoughts : I had the privilege of testing this board in Austria, which was a blessing because I was able to ride park, pow and everything in-between. I will say that I prefer a little softer board overall but I’m glad I had something a little sturdier to handle break-neck speeds. Even though I was on a little shorter board the Anti-camber floated like a dream in the powder that seemed to be neck deep at times. The Camber Core was very evident and gave the board great pop and edge hold, plus it wasn’t a pain in the neck to get from edge to edge. With all the tech in this baby at $400 you wont feel like you have to wring someone’s neck to get your moneys worth out of this board.

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