News Betches (February 28)

The biggest thing in shred news over the past seven days was probably Spencer Whiteman’s edit drop, “Bliss The Mini Movie”. This edit, which was filmed entirely at Hawk Island, boasted a roster of the Mitten’s most stylish and talented riders. Spencer, as always, masterfully linked the footage together and added his artistic insight producing one of the finest edits this season. Aside from being shared and embraced by the majority of the shred community, Spencer’s work afforded him a share from the likes of Yobeat, which by today’s standards is pretty cool. Kudos to that dude fo sho! Below is Spencer’s banger edit featuring himself, Al Pal, Greg Zunich, Aaron Senchuk, Dominic Palarchio, Joey Leppin, Jack Harris, Tyler May, and the rider of our favorite part… Matt Miller.

Bliss: The Mini Movie from Spencer Whiteman on Vimeo.

As if the MURDER MITTEN crew didn’t rep hard enough, murder boss Al Pal dropped an edit that he made with some throw back footage entitled “Third Try Thursdays”. This featured Jack Harris, Joey Leppien, Oliver Dixon, Matt Miller, Aaron Senchuk, Richie Conklin, Tyler May, and Matt VanBuehler. All of this footage is from Hawk Island in Lansing. Oh yeah #FUCKTYLER….

Third Try Thursdays from Al-Pal on Vimeo.

This has been a damn good week for edits actually. Our homie Dan Pandzic who is running an illegal shred park in his back yard just dropped another fun edit. I nicknamed him the “wolverine” a while back, but he is too nice for that so I am going to have to think of something else. I don’t know… Dan is fine for now, but I am working on it. Anyways here is the newest edit from Dandyland.

Here is a loose little edit filmed at Pando appropriately titled “Arthur Goes To Pando”. Featuring Jeremy and Brandon Vandyke, Kyle Caswell of the Grand Rapids crew Mullet Chicken. Mullet’s end of the year edit is going to be the ish guaranteed!



Another heavy hitter when it comes to films, Addison Beeker, posted a rad edit this week! This edit is extra special because apparently Marquette Mountains Park has been lacking so far this season and after a few carefully posted complaints on Facebook these dudes were invited to arrange the park to their liking. Boom! Out comes an edit!

hamburguesa from Addison Beeker on Vimeo.


Our home resort of Bittersweet got a pretty iffy review early on, but they have since really stepped their game up. We filmed a few people hitting some of their new features. When we got there we were kinda bummed that most of the kicks weren’t shoveled from the night before, but they were hit able. Even a kid that really jumped our shit for our first review asked if we had “seen the park crew”. We are cutting em some slack since we filmed this on a Sunday and Bittersweet ski’s about 6.5 million people on any given Saturday, so ya know it was blown out! They have, however, kept up on turning out new features left and right. Nice ones too! Since our review there has been a new 20ft-ish-shotgun rail, a waterfall barrel setup that is extremely fun, and a pyramid box thing that is posted up on a mound. Oh yeah and a nipple thing. I don’t know what else to call it. It’s a miller flip bonk post I guess. No hammers in this edit, but we made sure we had a good time and got good shots of the new features which was the intention. Bittersweet has a rail comp March 8th that MB is helping to put on in conjunction with The Edge Boardshop in Portage and Bittersweet’s shop and ski school. We are giving an Echelon Killbox Snowboard away to best trick in the advanced snowboard category. We see it fitting since Echelon’s production has moved to Michigan for next season. Boom! MB’s own Jon Mollema with the handy work on the edit!

Sunday Funday at Bittersweet from Shortstack Media on Vimeo.

 We are also super stoked to present our first trick tip video. In our early attempts to talk kids into making them we were met with snide remarks and threatened with violence. Well not really, but it was crystal clear we were going to be hard pressed to get submissions. We know its not the “cool” thing to do, but turns out we don’t give a fuck and we hope maybe our tutorials of basic tricks may help some kid get something around. We encourage you to send us all your edits. Make ‘em fun and have a good time shredding. #fuckyourimage


It’s the end of February, which means even the most passionate snowboarders and resort workers alike are being worn down. Usually about this time the “give up” begins. Grooming starts to get iffy, park workers start to show up late, if at all, and peeps just start to get in that funk.  Be cautious in your activities. Season pass revokes are at an all time high from what we understand ;).

That being said, Brighton of all people turned on their snow guns. I haven’t heard a whole lot of good remarks about or from that place, but hey, they made more snow! That’s cool right? So yeah… go Brighton?

Super small resort Swiss Valley has a rail jam this weekend that is sponsored by The Edge Boardshop if anyone is interested. The entry is cheap and the park is pretty fun.


edge rail

Oh shit we almost forgot! Dominic Palarchio took a photo of Tyler May and it is in a photo contest. They are in the final stages of this this whole bit and if they win they get a trip out west. Help a shred out and give ‘em a vote. This is the link and this is the pic you need to vote for. Don’t mess it up! Takes two seconds!

ty dom


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