Malavita EST (winged) by Burton

Malavita EST

Malavita EST (winged) by Burton


Who : Burton
What : Malavita EST (winged)
Where : Your local Burton dealer
When : Available now but they’re going quick!
Why : The Hinge, Canted highback, Heel Hammock, Hi-back Wing, Asym Reactstrap.

How : The Hinge is a Burton-exclusive technology that utilizes a dual-component baseplate construction that flexes dynamically with your leg for increased foot roll, less fatigue, and easier ollies (only on EST model).

The ergonomic design of the Canted Hi-back follows the natural contours of your left and right legs to maximize control and comfort. The reinforced rubbery material that makes up the Heel Hammock wraps response around the heel of the boot. Run your straps a little looser and still get lightning fast response out of turns with your heel cradled in complete suspension. The Highback Wing boosts lateral support for increased leverage and control when pressing, buttering, and spinning. The Minimized Asym Superstrap has a 3D Curved Construction with a Triple Axis Spine and Laterally Supportive Asymmetrical Shape. Choose Between Power or Mobility

Personal Thoughts : As a guy who prefers all mountain gear but rides park the majority of the time, these are the perfect mix. Just take a Cartel, smooth it out and give it a little extra stability on the lateral side. The Hinge is not a gimmick! It’s not really noticeable when hitting big jumps but you get a super “skate like” feel when popping off flat or little jumps onto rails and such. The winged highback and asym strap makes this binding! It gives it that little extra support and pressability. Personally I think the non-winged versions are unnecessary, if you want a non-wing binding I would spend the extra $40 for the Genesis.

* For anyone not riding a Burton board with the Channel don’t worry, it comes in a Re-flex model so you can enjoy the amazingness on any board.

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