News Betches (March 7th)

It’s been a mild week in Michigan Shred events; however, this weekend aims to please, as does the rest of the season. This weekend, for example, The Edge Boardshop in Kalamazoo is hosting a rail jam at Bittersweet Ski resort. Michiganboarder is sponsoring the event and will give away a, now made in Michigan, Echelon Snowboard to the best trick of the event. MB is also designing the basic street influenced setup of the rail jam. Our mentality behind this is to provide a setup that is fun, medium/advanced in nature, and will allow the riders to drop hammers. The course will feature all rails on a down set up with flat run ins. The jam format will be consistent with many other events you have been to and will be held on a hill with a towrope.



Holly, on the same day, is having their slopestyle event. If you aren’t going to one of these events you are officially cray! Holly has a killer group of dudes running their terrain park and has a great lineup of sponsors, so get out and make that event a good one!


holly contest


In other Bittersweet news, Michiganboarder is making an effort to release a once a week short edit featuring two riders hitting up Bittersweet’s constantly evolving terrain park. Each rider will take two runs and it is what it is. Bittersweet is our home resort and is constantly improving their terrain park this year. Since our early review they have built at least half a dozen new features. Some of ‘em good some of mediocre, but still are being setup and or placed in inconsistent manners. Once they dial that in they could be a contender. They are making a conscious effort to improve and we are real stoked on that. We love that place and want to see it grow with the needs of its highly talented local group of riders. Locals Scott Saeger and Jonny Johnson give us a couple of runs in this week first installment of our (hopefully) weekly Bsweet edit.


Saeger and Johnson @ Bittersweet from Shortstack Media on Vimeo.


Some sick little bastards from up north have found their way to us. We are proud to announce the addition of the B.F.L. (Big Foot Lives) crew to our site.  The crew is made up of John and Logan Schewe, Jordan”Slim” Monosso, and Noah Peterson. These kids are our kinda people! Check out their “Legalize Slim” edit right here!



The Mullet Chicken Crew in a quest to put out quality entertainment on a weekly basis has furnished us yet another edit full of pleasing shred images. We like these guys. They are mellow fun kids. Apparently they have tees for sale. If they liked us they would send us one. Assholes!  Here go buy one…




And now go watch Avery and Evan Erickson, Cole Klein and Brandon Vandyke beat up Pando.


Business in the Front Party in the Back from Evan Erickson on Vimeo.


Dude, so all sorts of guaranteed bangin’ ass events are going on this month. Nubs have consistently made their Super Fun Park event an amazing to-do. This year is no exception. It’s no secret we love the Nubs park staff and their local group of riders but it’s hard for us to convey what a great time this is going to be.  Don’t blow it kid… get up there! You may just leave with a Mullet! Seriously that’s not a joke….


nubs sfp2

Talking about late season events, you can never leave out Cannonsburg. This year they are having, I believe, the 2nd annual Neff sponsored Beach Bash. I didn’t have a chance to go last year, but I am hoping for a Cancun spring break type of a thing this year but with shredding.  Cannonsburg seems to have the hottest girls per capita of any resort in Michigan, so maybe this would be a good thing for you to venture from the couch for…or don’t, but I am going and I am bringing my snowboard and a lawn chair… just saying.


cburg beach bash

Swiss Valley resort is having a Marhar board demo this weekend. The Michigan based board company continues to grow and is showing up with next year’s sticks in hopes you will come take ‘em for a spin.  We attended last weekend’s rail contest at Swiss Valley and had a pretty good time. We will be supplying you a full terrain park/event review later this week… I think…I hope.



brighton jumpWhoever says bitching about your local resorts terrain park gets you nowhere is incorrect. Sure, it may take all goddamn season, but hey it happened right? Well I guess the beginning of the season is ideal, but what can you do? Resorts are not flies you can catch with honey. You almost have to bring yourself to the line of getting your season passed pulled to get desired results which often times means publicly humiliating said resort on social media. For example… Mt. Brighton. Mt. Brighton has been getting beat up so bad on social media that it had no choice but to address some of the terrain park concerns. In fact, they apparently had some western hotshot kicker builder come down from Northstar to build up some booters. We honestly have no real right to make any assumptions since we have not been there, but we hope that eventually the riders there get what they were promised which up until now has consisted of little more than some 3D renderings and the same park setup for three months. From what we gather that’s shit too!


Nubs have rebuilt their jump line! Yet another reason to pay a visit to that place!

Nubs Jumps with Charlie Hoffman

Even though we said we weren’t going to we’ve restocked our Michigan Boarder decals…go get ‘em at our shop!  If you buy enough we will be able to eat. Just kidding we need to eat less already, but they are there if you are so inclined. Our goddamn shirts should be here soon too!

So as always feel free to submit your pics, edits, and comments on either our facebook, website, or email us at We have an instagram that we noticed is getting around. Thank you. Thanks again for everyone that helps us out, pays attention to us, sends us stuff and spreads the word. This year has been awesome for us and we are really excited about the future of this project. Have a good week, weather is supposed to be rad as fuck!




Bittersweet rail jam Coverage

Staff Pick: Charlie Vandemark

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