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Charlie Blunt

charlies other head shotIt’s rare that Charlie Vandemark doesn’t have a smile on his face. This kid would shred 24 hours a day if he could. In fact, while I was doing the interview with him he was taking a break from shredding his backyard set up made up of PVC pipe and 2x4s. This 12-year-old Michigan shred charges hard and has a solid bag of tricks to back it up. He is constantly trying to progress every time I ride with him; he is always willing to try something new. He has one of the cleanest lip slides out there along with a bunch of other rail tricks; he even landed a back five the other day out at Bittersweet. He has two great parents that bring him to several contests and resorts throughout the season. He also just got put on The Edge snowboard team, which he is really pumped about. Chances are, if you snowboard regularly at Bittersweet or Cannonsburg, you have seen this kid. Or you will soon, he will most likely be flying past you.


Name Charlie VanDemark
Age 12
Hometown Middleville, MI
Resort Bittersweet
Set Up Never Summer Evo
Burton bindings
K2 Vandal Boots
Video Credit Jon Mollema with Shortstackmedia


Talk about the edit: The edit was filmed at Bittersweet and Cannonsburg

Charlie VanDemark from Shortstack Media on Vimeo.

Charlie sequence

Anything you want to say snowboarding related:

I’m 12 years old and have been snowboarding since I was 7. I love riding park and have been to Keystone and Norway last season and the season before. I like doing the occasional contest and am very grateful my parents take me snowboarding all the time. I would really like to land 720s next season and learn backside 270s on rails and back 3’s off.

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