News Betches! (march 14)

You want news? The news is resorts are going to close covered in snow. That shit always makes me salty. I mean don’t get me wrong; I get it, but still, shits bullshit.

Well anyways what can you do? At least spring conditions are upon us. Apparently that’s what this, and that means everyone’s banger events are coming up.

This weekend Krazy Days is going down at Boyne. We sent our staff photog Jon Mollema up there with one purpose. We will see if he comes through….

Pic 1 Krazy Days

Next weekend shreds are going to be busier than a one legged man in an ass kicking contest. Saturday March 22nd the Neff Beach Bash is going on at the Burg and then the day after, Sunday March 23rd, Super Fun Park is going down at Nubs. We highly suggest you take the weekend off and start saving yo gas money!

Pic 2 Beach Bash
Pic3 Nubs

Nubs has all sorts of fun time surprises for you that day. This ROME mini comp just popped up… Knives… Rich knows how to party!

pic 4 Rome

Speaking of comps, Tyler May and Dominic Palarchio won that photograph contest. I’m sure they’re stoked and we appreciate anyone who took the time to support a couple of local shreds!

Pic 5

While I got you warmed up…a bunch of local shred/filmers are up in this comp right here. We can’t really tell you who to vote for as there a bunch of our dudes involved in this, but take the time check it out and participate.

Pic 6

Damn that brings me into this… People Skate and Snow Filmin’ February edits are due… Better get yo shit in! John Kubiak just dropped his entry. Filmed entirely in the U.P. if I am not mistaken.

Filmin’ February 2014 from John Kubiak on Vimeo.

Pic 7
This video contest is a really rad idea. Ben at People Skate and Snow is a bous! As a matter of fact he is such a bous that a bunch of the Video Grass guys stopped in to the shop while they were filming in the D.

Pic 8

Nick Dirks in the D

Nick Dirks in the D

Our homie Addison Beeker dropped an edit documenting his spring break shredding activities with his buds Harrison Mcilhargey, Sam Kelty, Brett Kulas, Cameron Lund, Kendrik VanEe, Jake Visser, Sam Ralston, Sam Schowalter and Adam Rottschafer. Addison bailed us out earlier in the season doing the Occupy Pando edit for us! Since then we pretty much stalk him on Facebook and send him creepy messages. I stood outside his window for hours once, but anyways he didn’t see me… Addison if you’re reading this what’s up man? Phone’s not working huh? That’s cool man ill just stop by again!

Spring Break: something tight from Addison Beeker on Vimeo.

Our Canadian bud that might as well be American now, Dan Pandzic, dropped an edit that he filmed mostly himself. What a pain in the dick that must have been?

Dan rides mostly at Nubs, which is good because it’s just another reason for us to go up there. In other Nubs news, word on the street is that Nubs legend Charlie Hoffman and semi-Canadian Noah Talentino will be releasing some oddball edit soon. Apparently “Bangers” is the choice word to describe this secret footage. This isn’t even official, but that’s what I heard. We are doctors of journalism so it’s pretty reliable.

This last weekend we sponsored The Edge Boardshop’s rail jam at Bittersweet Ski Resort. We also made an edit. We also designed and help build the course. We are doing more work and less play these days. This will be readjusted. You can check out the bloodbath here

Bittersweet local Charlie Vandemark not only is the youngest Staff Pick we’ve had by far, but Charlie was also recently placed on the Edge’s shop team! Go Charlie! Charlie rips and he’s a really well rounded, talented young dude. This kid is going to destroy! Here is a link to his staff pick.

One guy we would like to see more video documentation of is Cannonsburg’s Jamie Charron. That dude is real, real good. Super smooth. Kicked ass at the Meijer State Games a few weeks back. Our bud Steve Cummings got some photos of him apparently working out his methods. Look pretty damn dialed to us!

pic 10

pic 11

pic 12

Whew so damn, that was probably our longest “News Betches” ever. I have to admit, its super bizarre to be looking out my window and stressing over the fact that the season has to come to an end for reasons other than lack of snow. I don’t know, maybe it’s not that bizarre. It’s definitely not as bizarre as this weird ass Hawk Island video that just surfaced from the land of cray. Seriously, it’s weird. It’s also funny, like the Shinning.

Anyways send us your pics, edits, and hate mail to us at

Instagram is awesome! We have one, we are trying to get more hot gypsy girls on there ‘cuz that way Noah will follow us…

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