News Betches (march 21)

The only new news is that I googled “this week in snowboarding” and turns out it fuckin blows! Most of the area resorts have been closed or have had reduced operating hours that has made it difficult to get out and shred. I am a little salty; when the end of the season approaches I start getting weird. I start to realize I am going to have to go back to the real world. I don’t even know what that is. Basically skateboarding starts and I start to think of the upcoming winter. It’s also a time to achieve clarity. I can never properly function, mentally speaking, during the winter. Snowboarding is all I think about. After starting this project I not only think about my shredding, but yours. I have become engulfed by snowboarding and I couldn’t be happier. Without snowboarding to eat away at my consciousness; during the  offseason I will begin to start working for financial gain verse revolving everything I do around how long its going to take me before I can get done and go snowboard. I will then save said money in order to bum around all next winter; I have done this forever, but enough of my bullshit.

I mean, I guess this week wasn’t really that bad. A tons of short edits popped up which makes things more tolerable. This time of the year the season edits start to drop. There are allegedly some big boi vids popping off soon. I expect there to be a fuckin ridiculous Flanel edit. I really like those guys and I dig Mike Harrington’s video work ( he is the filmer), but I am most excited about the potential BBNBN 2 year vid release. Blunts, Brews and Bad News is a powerhouse crew that has been spending more than a season working on a crew vid. With master video mechanic Scott Smith at the wheel it should be rad as fuck! I know for sure the Grand Rapids Mullet Chicken dudes will be posting Mullet Chicken The Movie in a few weeks.

Stoked on that for sure too!

Two of those dudes filmed a few runs at Bittersweet before the comp a few weekends ago. Here is Evan Erickson and Jeremy Vandyke being sweet. See what I did there? Bittersweet, Bsweet, Being sweet? No? I hate you.

Speaking of Bittersweet, The GLP crew is based out of Bittersweet. These dudes do real crisp video work. They are basically a year-round crew with snow and wake. They won some awards for their summer edit they put out last year.

Finally some girls put out an edit! I hope this becomes a trend! Zoe Zeerip made this vid, well at least I am pretty sure. Her brother is a bous too! He has a whole feature on the site. You can check that out here. But yeah, girl vids! More please!

V-Day from Zoë Zeerip on Vimeo.

Marc Moline of Cannonsburg made a vid this week that featured a bunch of shirtless young males. Well mostly young. Al Pal is college age I think. Well at least he had chest hair. Anyways these guys killed it and Al Pal closed this down in true form. Shit is kinda weird, but it’s also really euro so maybe this vid is really on point. So here it is, Amsterdam at the Burg!

Cannonsburg TV – Spring Broke (S.4 – E.7) from Cannonsburg Ski Area on Vimeo.

To up the toughness a little bit here is a video of Andrew Carroll beating the shit out of a rail at Hawk Island.

So…this weekend you are bound to hurt some feelings. Three banger end of the season events are taking place; Saturday Cannonsburg is having their Neff Beach Bash, the same day Marquette Mountain is hosting Super Park, and on Sunday Nubs is putting on Super Fun Park 3. I am going to do my best to be at all of these events and you should too. Don’t blow your end of the season by being a total pussy.

If you make it to Nubs you may be able to party with this dude. My favorite Canadian turned American, Dan Pandzic. He has a back yard setup that he shreds before eating dinner and watching Hockey. Peep the wolverine lay pipe… I mean slay pipe! Hit rails.

In closing, this week MB staff member Jon Mollema went to Boyne to explore the enigma that is Crazy Days. Basically we asked him to go up there, cover the event, and not to come back unless he had boob shots. Turns out it was like 12 degrees up there so we cut him a break. Don’t think for a second it wasn’t a total drunken mess cause it was that for sure. Check out Johnny-boy’s first event feature write up here!

If you ever want to do a write up, cover your local event, want us to come to your event, submit an edit, pics of your girl, trick tip video etc…. hit us up on Facebook or

We love you all and will see you this weekend! If you see us please present us with a beer and a high five cause you will know we have come many miles on a bicycle.

Pic3 Nubs


Pic 2 Beach Bash

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2 Responses to "News Betches (march 21)"

  1. LeviRye  March 21, 2014 at 7:57 pm

    Just a friendly heads up Marquette Super (surf) park is not this weekend it will is the 28th as shown on the flyer! Hooray people can go to all three events. See you all on the lips.

    • BennyWest  March 28, 2014 at 11:36 am

      Yeah we are stupid… I don’t know how that got confused. Thanks man!

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