Krazy Days


Boyne Mountain’s Carnival Weekend, also known as Krazy Days, was this past weekend. I headed up there for a friend’s wedding, but managed to get in some pics of the party while I was there…and let me tell you it was a party!


I showed up to the party area a little late, but it was the perfect time to catch the end of the costume contest. Drunken fans screaming for there favorite costume made the judging of this event quite official. The guy with the giant flask and weird ass hair cut won…not sure why or how, but he did. There were also three old guys in Russian hats and fur coats that couldn’t speak any Russian, but thought since they were drunk they acted as though they could perfectly. As I worked my way down through the crowd I snapped pics of people and told them I was with Michigan Boarder their usual response was: What TV station is that on? To which I would reply: Channel 8 and don’t worry you’ll be on it! This got me the beer bong shot. That guy was all about bonging a beer for the news.


As I started to make my way back down the hill with my camera in hand I looked to my right and saw a couple booking down the hill sitting on one snowboard. I can’t say for sure if they were an actual couple. It could have been some guy having this great idea to impress this girl by taking her for a ride on his board. Anyway, I took off after them. They were cruising fast and I couldn’t even begin to catch them. When I looked down the hill I noticed they were heading right for two giant snow fences. I could not believe my eyes as they hit both fences and got tossed like a drunken giant slalom skier. I cruised up asked them if they were ok? I noticed the girls face was a bloody mess and wasn’t really moving, but trying to catch her breath and mumbling to me. The guy was moaning and holding his face; probably realizing that he wasn’t going to be getting anywhere with his lady friend. I flagged down ski patrol snapped a pic and took off.


Carnival Weekend is full of gapers and bros, but really who cares; everyone was getting along great and having a hell of a time. It is a shit show for the most part and two thumbs up to Boyne for putting up with everything year after year. Krazy Days is fun for these three reasons:

  • You can bong beers on the side of the hill.
  • If you are there long enough you’re going to see some tits. (Male or Female)
  • It’s a giant BYOB party on the hill while you snowboard what more could you want.

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