News Betches (march 28)

We spent last weekend at the two biggest end of the season events; Neff Beach Bash at The Burg and Super Fun Park 3 at Nubs. They were cool enough to have their own features so go check those bad boys out!

The Rome Great Lake Insurgents were at Nubs this weekend too. Jake Breed made a super fuckin rad edit that provides irrefutable proof that the insurgents are pretty brutal. We like them… a lot.

Rome Great Lakes Insurgents – Nub’s Nob 2014. from Jake Breed on Vimeo.

 Marhar team rider Derek Huntoon was at Super Fun Park 3 as well, at least for a minute. I saw him then he was gone, but quite frankly I spent the majority of the time talking to Kle’ about his female relatives 😉 so who knows what was really happening. We did a staff pick earlier in the year with Derek and he had a pretty short edit. Stoked he gave us a lil something extra to pump up his volume! Derek is a killer jump hitter type dude. People don’t hit jumps anymore… I mean why is that? Anyways four minutes of aerial and varials!

Speaking of Marhar, our young chicken homie Jeremy Vandyke has officially been placed on the team. Good for you my dude!


Pic 1 Jeremy vandyke!

Edits are kind of the name of the game this week. Thank god too because they make writing the news column as easy as drunk girls at a forest techno festival. My favorite edit to drop this week and possibly all season was Stewart Smith’s Filmin’ February entry that was chalked full of heavy hitters. Stewart is badass man. Very rarely do I like everything about someone’s edit. Go on…see for yourself!

Filmin’ February from S2 Filmworks on Vimeo.

 I said last week that the end of the year was a bittersweet time. On one hand we get to watch our favorite thing that we love as much as a family member slowly melt away like your meth addict cousin. Then on the other we get banger season edits like this. The Jaime Charron Experience…

That dude is one of the many champion swordsmen that the Burg churns out on the reg. I’ve seen him ride quite a bit. Super, super on point! Apparently the Burg is so cool even their snowboard instructors can shred. We got a feel good edit sent our way and here it is… we dig!

Cannonsburg Instructors from Cade Vaneyk on Vimeo.

So finally the Mervin team at Hawk Island edit dropped. I forgot why I couldn’t make it to this. It’s actually borderline absurd considering I am obsessed with Danyale Patterson. Oh well whadda you do? Oh yeah I know what you do… you let Al Pal snake your girl, bastard! Anyways here is the edit featuring a bunch of heavy hitters. It’s also our featured edit so clearly it’s a banger!

Weird and Bitchin’ – Mervin at the Hawk Island Gateway Park from Snowboarder Magazine on Vimeo.

Speaking of Al Pal, his Murder Mitten brand was featured on Yobeat. Al could probably make enough money to live comfortably if he locked down that work ethic. I kinda feel like he would turn into Nate Bozung if he were ultra loaded so maybe in actuality he is doing good enough. Read here about that MURDER action! am a total asshole. Even God has made a few mistakes though. Last week I wrote that the Marquette Super Park was last Saturday. It is not. It is this Saturday. I apologize. Make sure you go and if anyone wants to write a story and provide pics I am sure we could make it up to you.


That concludes this week’s News Betches. We were talking about what we were going to do for the off seasons. We thought about just shutting down, but instead we decided to give you inside peeks and reviews on next years gear.  What keeps you stoked in the off-season?  Hit us up, let us know!

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