Team Gullwing by Nitro

Gullwing graphic

Who : Nitro
What : Team Gullwing
Where : Your Local Nitro Dealer
When : If shops are sold out the new 14-15 models will be available in September
Why : Gullwing Shape, Reflex Core, Powerlite Core, Bi-Lite Laminates

Team Gullwing EstevanHow:

-The positive camber under each foot of the Gullwing supplies riders with the response they know and love while the reverse camber shape in the center allows you to experience unparalleled float in the powder, as well as superb press-ability in the park.

-The Reflex core gives you a thinner core profile between your feet, which improves handling, and increases torsional flex, allowing you to steer your board through a turn with ease.

-The highest grade and ultra-lightweight poplar wood in Nitro’s Powerlite core makes for the perfect ride with lots of pop and unmatched strength at a minimum weight.

-Nitro’s rider-trusted Bi-Lite Laminates are engineered for unrivaled strength, powerful style and refined board-feel.

Team Gullwing RegPersonal Thoughts: This is the 2nd Nitro board I’ve been able to ride and it did not disappoint. It’s an incredibly lively board; even just stepping on a blank deck in the store you can get a feel of how poppy and aggressive it will be. On the snow you notice the Gullwing giving the board a nice easy loose feel but with the tips dropped down a bit it’s still very quick to get on edge. One thing that really surprised me about this board was its stability on rails. With the extreme shape of the hybrid rocker I was expecting it to be a little loosey goosey, but it locked in tight no matter how I set it down on the pipes. Great all mountain board that’s not to stiff for the park and can handle high speed runs as well. As much as I liked the Rook, I think the Team is a more well-rounded board! Available in standard graphic or collab Estevan Oriol graphic.


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