Doing things and going places, Marie Hucal always comes back to her Michigan roots.

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Home Mountain Mt. Brighton, Mi
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Hucal 4Currently sitting atop Mt. Hood, Michigan born pro snowboarder, Marie Hucal takes time out of her summer shred to answer questions for us little guys at Michigan Boarder.

Starting out in the Midwest how did you become a pro shred?

I was young and motivated to snowboard as much as possible. With some friends I did regional contests, resulting in some travel events. After meeting a regional rep I kept progressing and had a bunch of support from friends.

What would you say to other girls in the Midwest that are trying to come up?

For all the ladies, ride every day for yourself and with your friends. Challenge yourself often and don’t give up. Snowboarding is the best thing that’s ever happened to me.

Who’s in your Mi crew?

The crew is still growing… The OG Mt. Brighton crew was Cameron Strand, Erik Zimmerman, Nick Stachurski, Kyle Whiteman, Ryan Wonfor, Cole Burgess, Carson Pippin, Chris Kramer, the gals and so many more. I met a ton of awesome kids from around the state like Tommy Young, Levi Ryerson, Charlie Hoffman, Trevor New-man and friends. Look out for all those guys, they are amazing boarders!

Hucal 3What are your favorite spots in Michigan? Shred Michigan at all lately?

My favorite resorts are Pando, Cannonsburg, Pine Knob, Nubs Nob and Marquette Mountain. I shredded all of those spots this season with the homies and it was great fun! Michigan has some epic street spots to check out too.

How do you see your shred style?

I see myself as a loose freestyle rider. I enjoy anything other than a standard down rail or love to take some tight tree runs or hit natural hips. My style changes as I get more board experience, but I am still a non-serious & fun when I’m in the snow.

How does riding with guys differ from riding with girls?

Riding with a group of guys keeps me moving at a fast pace. I find that Iearn or try more tricks as I’m following a herd of boys. I also love riding with the ladies, we can usually all express our own styles in a very creative fashion.

Any new tricks your trying to learn?

I am trying to get back into jumping this summer and I would love to learn front 7’s again. Also I’ve been learning how to ride half pipes better.

What’s your idea of a perfect day of shredding?

The ideal day of shredding…. A large group of friends together on a sunny day, taking hot laps on the face of a mountain over and over again.

Hucal 2When you’re not shredding what are you doing?

I try to stay busy, you might find me doing anything such as hiking around, driving my car, dancing, playing music with friends, dog walking or hanging out at a local bar or restaurant.

What do you have on your plate for this season?

I plan to film for a couple Rome 12 Months episodes. I also am preparing to film one of my hopefully wildest video parts yet. With that comes a lot of traveling and shredding!
Do you see yourself always in the snowboard game or do you have other passions you want to pursue? It’s easy to see myself in the boarding game for many years to come, but with every passion comes a back up passion. I am very interested in the coffee business and traveling to foreign countries for it. I have so many small ideas though.

What’s your fav video part?

Louf Paradis in These Days

Women who inspire you?

Jess Kimura, Marie France-Roy and Desiree Melancon

Do non shred guys have a chance? 🙂

Of course, but i am always on the go.

What’s right with snowboarding?

What’s right is that everyone I know still boards because they love it. Soul carving is what’s good.

What’s wrong with snowboarding?

Just when I see kids use snowboarding for free swag or a way to get “in” with a crew. Do it because you love it. Live it.

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