Spring Board meeting as seen through the eyes of Al Pal

So it’s been about three years since I’ve been to Board Meet and I’m definitely asking myself why I took that leave of absence from this amazing weekend. The trip in itself would have been legendary even if snowboarding wasn’t involved. So I’ll go ahead and start right from the beginning.

Joey (@joey_d_shreds), Matty Mills (@millertime64), Gregg (@gzunich) and myself piled into the Beamer and headed out of East Lansing on Friday afternoon. Less than thirty seconds into the trip we stopped at a liquor store so my passengers could grab some refreshments. The car ride turned into a 2 and a half hour, fireball infused, R&B jam session that anybody who is friends with us on snapchat will be sure to confirm. We made a quick stop in Mt. Pleasant to pick up some friends which instantly turned into “yo let’s go to the casino! We’re only gonna bring $20 in and call it after that”. 15 minutes and $80 later, Gregg decided we should continue our journey northward.

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(Gregg losing his first $80 + liquor store pit stop #5 of 50)

We stayed at my parents cabin in Lewiston and had a small celebration considering it was a Friday night. I woke up on Saturday morning to discover Mike Harrington and Jack Harris balls deep on my couch and my other friends scattered throughout the cabin.

photo 3  photo 4

(#FLANELASFUCK #BADBITCHESONLY + this car ride was emotional as fuck)

After cleaning Jacks puke out of the sink and off of the front porch, we all piled in our cars and reconvened in Gaylord. At this point in time we discovered our hangovers were becoming a real thing so we decided to high tail it to Highlands. Mike decided to show us a “short cut” which I’m pretty sure took 20 minutes longer than the “long way”. Anyways when we finally made it we started to hydrate ourselves with our leftover celebration supplies from the night before and everybody started feeling a little better.

  Joey needed to use the restroom facilities as I was acquiring my lift ticket and he had mixed reviews on his experience. The toilet paper provided was only one ply (very similar to that of a college dorm) but they did have a very convenient basket for holding your goggles and gloves. All in all he gave the experience a 4 out of 5.

photo 5  photo 1

(Joey’s ass may have been shredded, but his mitts stayed nice and dry)

After further inspecting the main lodge we made our way to the chairlift. After enjoying several more beverages on the chair up, we were quite excited to test the terrain features created for our enjoyment. I will have to say, I was extremely impressed with the concepts and some of the execution behind the features. All of the rails were unhittable, but I came into the weekend with full expectations of this happening. However, the jumps, half pipe and other transitional features were extremely on point. In the high speed quad park they made some 20 foot knuckles with the lips offset to either side of the knuckle so it could be hit as a regular jump or as a hip. I have never seen jumps built like this before and I have to say they were extremely fun.  They also Had a channel gap setup pretty similar to the one at The Launch  with tranny carved all over it.

photo 2  photo 3

(the only photo we actually took on the hill + #Kazuthedog getting down on those beggin stripz)

In the main park they had a three pack that was pretty on point (and by that I mean you could hit all three jumps without pumping the first two for speed) but the funnest feature was probably the pipe.  After feeding some beggin strips to #Kazuthedog, I decided to channel my inner Kazu the person and ride the pipe all day.  Shit was on point.  Some dude had one of those Spring Break x Capita collab boards and he let me ride it for a lap.  If you have the opportunity to purchase one of these, I highly recommend it.  Easily the best run I took all season. 

Riding was super fun but eventually our hangovers go the best of us and decided to retire to our hotel room.  Due to some scheduling conflicts, Jeff Sukes, Andrew Carroll, Brandon Ashe and a couple other random stragglers and myself got a couple rooms at the Econolodge.  Our decision to stay at this property was highly influenced by the shuttle that ran to the Casino and back until 4am.  After warming up in the hot tub, our rag tag team of captain morgan fueled snowboard mediocrity hopped on the shuttle to the casino.  Shortly upon arriving, Carroll and I discovered that smoking was encouraged in this establishment.  This pretty much blew our fucking minds and probably explains why sunday morning sucked so much.  Gregg lost a quick $200 and Jack managed to get some digits off of some solid 5’s (3’s if we weren’t so drunk).

photo 4  photo 5

(Captain Jack walking the plank + Mica with the SnapChat cameo)

We all managed to make it back to the hotel, but when we woke up on sunday morning to find Jack already awake ready to go snowboarding, we spent a minute re-evaluating our financial situations.  Once we realized we were faced by some impending budget constraints, we determined it would be in our best interests to return to Lansing and ride Hawk for the rest of the day.  Even though we only spent a few hours actually riding at boyne, the experience was one for the books.  Board Meat delivered once again.

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