Top 10 Reasons the Hype Era video is going to be killer!

Papa Flanel, Mike Harrington, has just put out a sneak peek of his up coming season project titled Hype Era. Hype Era has come as somewhat of a surprise considering a Flanel team vid was the expected out come of his season of non-stop filming, travelling, and spot development.

The trailer for the video is so good and got us so excited for the full bit we thought we would point out a few things since, ya know… it’s guaranteed to be amazing!

Top 10 reasons the Hype Era video is going to be killer!

10. Mike Harrington is behind the wheel and has been obsessing over this for months!

9. There will be zero boxes.

8. This video will be zeach free.

7. No laid out backflips will be present in this video.

6. Charlie Hoffman doesn’t give a fuck.

5. The word “doubles” will never be mentioned in the video.

4. Ash will back-one a street feature.

3. There will be an even mix of people who wear their pants above and below their boots.

2. Jack Harris is in this video.

1. Absurdly stacked group of killer kids and… special guests 😉

Hype Era (Trailer) from Flanel Lifestyles on Vimeo.

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