Fuk Boi Mike Harrington’s Birthday shredathon!

Last weekend marked the likely D-day of Lansing’s Hawk Island Snow Park. By “likely” I mean if they don’t magically open this weekend, which wouldn’t blow my mind all things considered. By now most of you have become aware of the circumstances that have ultimately forced an end to the efforts there. If not you can read about it here. We are working on a similar article with a slightly different approach. Regardless of opinions, the place was a welcomed effort and a killer addition to the Michigan shred scene.

My last day of the season was spent at Hawk last year and it looks like that will be the case for this year as well. Despite some somberness that was pretty apparent with the kids that worked there everyone was in fair spirits. I know a shitload of people got buck the night before so it was hard to tell if people were bumming or just hung the fuck over. Al Pal and Fuk Boi Mike Harrington had relatively close birthdays so everyone partied Friday night. Kids early on were kinda slow going, but as the day progressed and once some McDoubles were consumed things started to perk up.

Hawk was in decent shape man really. Tyler May kept the kicks nice and there were some fun setups. The stars had aligned just right, so kids from all over the state managed to make it to either get a taste of Hawk’s last weekend or chill with Mike for his birthday. John Curtis, Charlie Hoffman, and Noah Talentino from Nubs were all present. The Ash brothers were in effect. Dominic Palarchio, Ty Modz, Tommy Young, Rich Whinnie, Kristen Theos, and Harrison Mcillhargey were all present. Hawk locals of the Murder Mitten fame were there killing it. Actually tons of people were ripping! I had a super fun time and I was only there for one day (Saturday).

Definitely a bummer about Hawk’s uncertain future, but I can say at least for my part that if last weekend ends up being Hawk’s last days that it went out hard. Big shout out to the dudes that put so much time into that place. I left with a shitty sunburn and a bunch of ice rashes on my shit and couldn’t be more stoked on the time I have spent there.

Please enjoy some rad pics shot by Jon Mollema that super fun day!

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One Response to "Fuk Boi Mike Harrington’s Birthday shredathon!"

  1. david_z  April 25, 2014 at 2:28 pm

    Unfortunately no magic this year, brother. Hawk’s officially closed. Too much melt earlier this week. Super bummed about that because I can’t make the trip to Boyne and was hoping to get another day or two up there this weekend.

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