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Truth be told I hate helmets. It’s a hard reality. I don’t like how they look or feel. I’m going to go out on a limb and say it is a commonly shared feeling amongst people in my age bracket; or was anyways. In my youth there was very little more you could do that would alienate you from your fellow shreds. Hardly anyone wore helmets. They were the lamest shits…

Now-a-days helmets are common and widely accepted. I mean lets be honest… they are in fact the right choice. Not to mention the helmet options have greatly increased since the mid-nineties. Most people are able to find something that isn’t too much of a physical and visual hindrance. Having a friend who suffered a major brain injury at the hands of snowboarding I have grown fond of the idea of wearing these, but have yet to find one I truly like. Deciding it was time for me to start exploring my options I set out on a mission to find the least lame helmets available. After sifting through some awesome, some decent, and some total bullshit I have eliminated the garb and brought to you the three best choices in my opinion.


Processed with VSCOcam with m6 preset  Mashman Helmet by Electric Visual

Who : Electric Visual
What : Mashman Helmet
Where : Your local Electric retailer
When : Starts hitting shops around 9/15/14

Why : ABS Shell, Multi Impact EPP Liner, Poron XRD, Magnetic Closure, Goggle Compatibility

How : The low profile ABS shell offers protection without making your head look like a bubble.

  • Lined with a multi-impact EPP Liner Electric offers a lightweight helmet that can take a licking and keep on ticking.
  • Poron XRD Technology is a lightweight, thin and breathable material that’s engineered for repeated impact and shock absorption.
  • The magnetic chinstrap clip offers ease of use no matter what your have on your hands.
  • Compatible with most goggles on the market (Perfect fit with the Electric EGB2)

mashman front  mashman side  mashman rear
Personal Thoughts: We actually have the privilege of giving you 2 personal experiences on this one.  The first review from someone who wears a helmet religiously, and the second from someone who rarely wears a helmet. With the growing popularity/normalcy of helmets we felt it was good to give a chance for reviews that every rider could relate to.

  1.  I was set back when I first saw the shape of this brain bucket but it’s definitely grown on me. The old school motorcycle look is completely different than anything on the market and man-o-man is this thing comfy. Probably the most comfortable helmet I’ve had on my head to date. The fit is fantastic and there’s no pressure on your ears at all. The ear pads are not removable which makes it a bit warm on those spring days but the ventilation system definitely helps with the air flowing through the helmet. The temp was about 36-37 degrees when I used it and I came out just a bit sweaty. The only downside is it kept pulling my earbuds out. Word is the buttons on the front will line up with the classic bubble shields if you want to kick up your awesomeness level to 11.
  2.  This is the helmet I ended up siding with for personal use. It fit great and stays with my head. It just seems like the right fit and feel. After deciding it was the best fit for me I struggled with legitimacy of the style end of it. I mean compared to any other helmet on the market truly this thing looks badass in my opinion. Everyone who has seen it is immediately draw in like a moth to a light bulb; dudes, chicks, everyone wanted to check it out.  It’s obviously a throwback to vintage motoring helmets and is even available in some classic sparkle finishes. The chinstrap has a genius magnetic clasp that is the easiest lock to use. A little tricky at first (thought I was going to have to cut the bastard off) but once you know how to use it amazing (see video). As far as functionality goes this thing seems like it would protect you better than most. It’s thicker and has more coverage area. With that being said I am not sure if it’s heavy though? I dare say it probably does weigh a smidgen more than other helmets but once you have it on it fits so well you don’t notice it. In closing even though it’s obviously a helmet, I feel like it’s the first of its kind to also be an accessory. It’s a big helmet but it doesn’t have all the weird coring other helmets do so it’s not all scientific looking. Just do your self a favor and check this thing out in the fall!


*This review is a personal experience and should not be the basis of a helmet purchase. If a helmet doesn’t fit correctly it cant protect you properly.  Always try on multiple helmets and get the one that fits and feels the best.

Mashman Clasp1

Mashman clasp 2



Macon pic 1Macon by Bern Helmets

Who : Bern Helmets
What : Macon
Where : Your local Bern retailer
When : Available in stores now

Why : ABS shell, EPS hard foam, Removable winter liner.

How : EPS hard foam meets ASTM F 2040 and EN 1077B standards for snow and ski, CPSC and EN 1078 standards for bike and skate.

  • You can remove the entire winter liner and for $10 you can buy an insert that turns it into a summer helmet for skate, bike, etc.

Personal Thoughts: I was feeling this helmet big time, but it didn’t fit me in a flattering way. My head is tall so I kind of looked like Toad from Mario Bros with it on. I have seen a lot of people wear this helmet and not look goofy. In hands though it was a very subtle, light, and attractive helmet. The quality of construction is killer for real. Skate styling makes it an obvious choice for people looking for a minimal understated classic look. I can’t say enough on how well it seems to be made.


 Sandbox Helmet 1
Classic Helmet by Sandbox

Who : Sandbox
What : Classic Helmet
Where : Your local Sandbox retailer
When : Available in stores now

Why : ABS Shell, EPS Impact foam, Custom18, Removable Ear pads

How : 

  • This shell and foam combination provides ultimate high-impact protection while still keeping it on the down low.
  • With the set of fit pads there are 18 possible configurations to make the helmet fit perfectly no matter what kind of circus shaped head you have.
  • Too warm out? Take the ear pads out for spring and summer shredding

Sandbox pic 2Personal Thoughts: This is an awesome helmet; super light and comfortable. The popularity of this helmet has made it available in tons of sizes and color ways. The ability to customize the fit via different pad shims is awesome. The ability to snap on a winter liner is also nice allowing your head to go commando or remove the liner and rock your favorite beanie. Sandbox has got it together and have been making quality head protection for some time.  There are a lot of other styles available if the brim isn’t your thing. Bottom line this helmet made the cut in terms of build quality and visual attractive-ness.


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