Session by Thirtytwo

SessionSession by Thirtytwo


Who – Thirtytwo
What – Session
Where – Your local Thirtytwo dealer
When – Starts hitting shops around 9/15/14
Why – High Density Evolution Foam Outsole, BOA Tongue Tension System, Articulated Cuff, 3D Molded Tongue, Medium Flex Team Fit Liners

How – The Evolution Foam Outsole is a rubber free outsole that is incredibly light, durable, and comfortable.

  • Custom crank your heel in with a BOA system attached at the tongue across your ankle
  • Shell distortion is eliminated so your boots last longer with the Articulated Cuff. It also allows for increased heel hold by having the lower and upper half of the boot being independent of each other.
  • The 3D Tongue is pre molded so you don’t have to fight it into position when lacing your boot. It also eliminates any pinching of the boot
  • 100% Heat moldable, dual density Team Fit liners with dual Velcro wings for unmatched comfort and fit. The neoprene toecaps and heel hold pockets put a little more icing on the cake. The new Level 2 Footbeds add more cushion and support than ever before.


Personal Thoughts – Great addition to the Thirtytwo line in between the Lashed and the TM-2!  Never thought I’d ride a boot with a BOA on it, but this one intrigued me because of how the BOA is used.  There is no internal lacing on this boot; the BOA is connected through straps across the ankle that is attached to the tongue. You pop this baby on, lace up the outside and crank your ankle in as needed. I rode this thing with the BOA engaged AND disengaged and it held my foot like crazy either way… that being said this doesn’t mean the BOA is useless. So put your Negative Nancy thoughts aside. I don’t have the most slender feet meaning this thing will hold you pigs tight no matter how narrow your heels are. Thirtytwo re-designed their liners as well and if you thought they were comfortable in the past get ready for some next level schnitzel!


*This review is strictly my personal thoughts and experience and should by no means be the reason you buy a certain boot. NEVER EVER buy boots without trying them (and other comparable boots) on in a store. Your boot is your most important piece of equipment HANDS DOWN and no matter what the company/color/lacing system the boot that fits and feels the best IS the best boot for you. Spend a little more on your boots as well if you need to ($50 goes way further in a boot than it does in a board)


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