Jibs and Salsa

Pic 1Noah Cover shot

Jibs and Salsa was last weekend and if you weren’t there you missed out. All the big names in Michigan snowboarding were in attendance. Mullet Chicken, Flannel, and Murder Mitten to name a few. This was a great event put on by Cannonsburg and a great end to the season. Marc Moline, Drew Nelson, Al Pal, Tyler May, Jake Tolan, Brett Kulas, and Kyle N helped with the awesome setup. The setup surprised the hell out of me because of how much snow they still had. The snow was awesome and lips to all the features held up really well all day. They had eleven different features set up and one bmx size jump which was extremely fun. There were about a 150 people that showed up ready to shred and to eat some of those walking tacos.


Al Pal and the Murder Mitten crew were going off. Al Pal landed a huge gap to the down bar that turned some heads. Tyler May had one of the cleanest styles on the hill. Jack Harris got some super styli backlips in. Mac Eckstrand was there; this Flanel team rider does some of the best pretzels I’ve seen. Mike Harrington was around filming, judging, and convincing people to try the hardest tricks imaginable. Mullet Chicken members, Avery and Evan Erickson, were there shredding hard all day. Avery’s got those tail presses on lock.


Noah Talentino made the trip down from the Great White North with huge lipslides over the round bar and gigantic boned out ollies over the bmx jump.  He was hitting everything there at mached out speeds like normal.


The format for the event was much like the Thursday night sessions where they would hand out prizes randomly for solid tricks and riding. They would also call out different tricks and the first person to land the trick got some swag. There was a massive product toss and snowboards, skateboards, backpacks, and tons of other prizes were given out throughout the day.


The season is over. Jibs and Salsa was the last day of riding for the season for Cannonsburg and many of the riders at the event. This was a great season ender to one of the most epic winters that Michigan has seen in a long time. Cannonsburg knows how to put on a great events and this was definitely one of the best ones this season.

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