Why We Do It #1 with Pete Harvieux



Why We Do It #1
                                     with Pete Harvieux
by Noah Talentino

Life is a pretty big thing, so it’s crazy how some people can dedicate their entire lives, or at least all of their free time, to riding on some snow. With that being said, I wanted to talk to some dudes and ask them why they love snowboarding. So many people love snowboarding for so many different reasons; for example, some people like it because they dig partying with their friends, others because they get this crazy feeling from landing a trick and having all their friends get stoked on it. Personally, I’ve ridden park the whole time I’ve snowboarded. But this year, at one point I was out filming for a park edit with some friends and I was trying this hardway front 270 to the down on a flat-down rail. I was hiking the feature and I had probably hit it thirty times and had gotten thrashed a couple times. I got to that point where I was getting super
image (2)pissed off and just wanted to go sit in front of the fire in the lodge, but then John Curtis (the boss man of Nub’s Nob’s terrain park and former pro shredder) came up to me and pretty much told me that getting that trick isn’t the end of the world and snowboarding was about way more than just getting a banger shot. After that was said, he told me to take some runs off the back of the hill up in the trees and the powder; we took probably five runs and it changed the way I look at snowboarding as a whole. That moment was pretty much when I discovered snowboarding isn’t all about looking cool and being sponsored—it’s about having fun, hanging out with this huge group of people who all love the same thing you do, and most of all, just closing out all the shit that real life holds and getting lost in the snow. Now that you’ve all heard my story, I thought I’d let you in on why somebody else loves to snowboard. That somebody is Pete Harvieux. We did an interview with Pete in the past, so if you want to know all about him before you find out why he loves snowboarding, you can check it out here. For those of you who know Pete already or just read that interview, now I’ll let him tell you why he loves snowboarding.

First off, who are you and what do you do?  I feel as if those questions shouldn’t have to be asked, but I’m going to anyway.

Peter Harvieux; I am a father, husband, and snowboarder.

So you literally live off snowboarding. When did you make the decision that you wanted to work in the snowboarding industry?

A long story hit the last interview and it breaks it down well. But I felt like my line to make snowboarding a consistent in my life wasn’t going to be by a pro/sponsored rider path so I searched and worked towards making it a part of life in an alternative way.

I guess the goal of this whole thing is to showcase some dude’s opinions on why he loves snowboarding; tell me why you love it so much.

image (3)A snowboarding love was born from a life lived in a small town, going to a small school, wanting to express myself and escape as an individual from family issues, and a little neighborhood homie that introduced me to skateboarding -which is all we did at any waking moment, which lead to winter. I already loved winter and sliding, so soon my skateboard turned into a snowboard. As time progressed, so did my passion to participate.


Q4) If you weren’t working in the snowboard industry, what do you think you would be doing?

Well, I thought I was going to be an Art Teacher at one point…so maybe that? Marketing? Funny, all the jobs you can do out in the world that they never let you in on in school. It’s always so generalized, but the job world is so specialized.

Q5) Since starting the Interior Plain Project, have you had that one moment where you stepped back and in your head thought, “Damn, this is what I live for”? Tell me about it.

 So many times daily – really, lots of my life – I look at and think back to that 10 year old dreamer, and I would have never imagined the opportunities I’ve worked toward nor the results. But I understand I’m a man of desire, and that desire isn’t for things or status. To me, it’s riding every day I can – cold, crappy conditions, don’t matter. Optimum to me is strappin in and sliding snow sideways, loving my family, being creative, attempting to see things from multiple perspectives, and being able to hold true to my intentions.

Q6) Is there a question that you wish I would have asked you? If so, tell me it and then answer it.

I don’t know I guess. I’m happy to share my point of view that’s formed by so many friends, chair lift conversations, shop talks, skate sessions, a year with no car in the city, Fobia life, the SDS, the soft years, age, medi–o-core,  Midwest, traveling the world, the OG’s, and the young G’s.  To you and all that snowboarding was, is, and will be – CHEERS!

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