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Mollema pic 1This year has been a pretty damn good start for this little project. I have met so many amazing people and made so many new friends. All of that I will go on about another time. Right now I would like to talk about a guy who is easily one of the truest human beings I have ever met. You’ve heard the saying about the guy who would “give you the shirt off his back;” well that’s Jon Mollema. I am truly blessed to have this guy on my team.

Jon’s talents are as endless as his personal attributes. He is an amazing photographer, videographer, artist and friend. Jon loves snowboarding and does it well. Everyone who has been behind the scenes of Michigan Boarder has heard me say on numerous occasions “I am so grateful for Jon.” Seriously, if nothing else came from MB, having made Jon my friend would be reward enough. He is an incredibly important part of this project and without his contributions this year I think this site would be far less visually gratifying than what it is. Jon cares about the kids he shoots and gives without thought of reward. I can’t say it enough… Jon is a killer dude!

Below is some insight on Mr. Jon Mollema and a few of his favorite shots from this year. You can also see some of his handy work in the majority of the featured event coverage, trick tip video series we started at the end of the season and most recently his edit of young Charlie Hoffman in the staff pics section. Jon also does music videos for bands, product video’s and everything else you can think of.

Mollema 2

Age 31 years old
Resort  Bittersweet
Years Riding 15
Set Up I’m rocking Burton Nug,
Cartel Bindings,
Team two Boots
Stance Goofy 15/-15
Camera Equip: I shoot with a Canon 7d.
My favorite lens is Sigma 10mm fisheye,
but I also have a Sigma 70-200,
Canon 16-35,
and a 50mm prime.


What made you decide to be a part of Michigan Boarder?

Well I really really love snowboarding. It has been such a huge part of my life. I have meet so many cool people because of being a snowboarder. When you asked me to help out I was so excited and still am. I felt this was a opportunity for me to help share my views of snowboarding and meet more people that love shredding as much as I do. I was a little worried that I might get burned out towards the end of the season but this was not the case. This year was one of my best years I have ever had. I have meet so many cool people this year and was engulfed in the Michigan snowboard scene and it was awesome. I am very grateful for the opportunity and can’t wait for next season.


You have worked the majority of the season’s larger events. What has been some of the favorite things you’ve shot this year?

One of the funnest things this year for me was the Bittersweet Rail Jam it was hammer city all day. I couldn’t believe the tricks  kids were trying it was really fun to shoot.

Andrew Carroll Lipslide

Andrew Carroll Lipslide


Aside from the opportunity to get some killer shots this season has there been any other highlights as far as your shooting for MB?

Getting to meet all the cool people that love snowboarding as much as me. John Curtis and the Nubs crew for one. Those guys are awesome.  They have treated me like family from day one. John is one of the coolest guys you will meet ever. I love how dedicated he is to helping out the youngsters learn to shred and promote the Michigan snowboard scene.


Lots of photo and video kids out and about, got any favorites?

“Bliss 3” by Spencer Whiteman was awesome  and so was “Pizza Sauce” by Kyle and Brad Kerns. Those kids kill it when it comes to making videos.

Ben Roberts

Ben Roberts


You have had some killer ideas and awesome video contributions to the site, got anything in store for next season your stoked on?

I would love to make a trip up to the UP. There are a ton of resorts up there that I haven’t been to and would love to check out.


Who is out there killing it on a shred stick? Basically give me a few names of dudes you think are really getting after it…

Charlie VanDemark, Noah Talentino, Kyle Kerns, Brad Kerns, Ben Robbert, Al Pal, Jacob Visser

Mark Reinhart II wall ride

Mark Reinhart II wall ride

Whats right with snowboarding?

The Parks. The parks are getting so good around here finally. Its amazing to see how far along they have come around here in the past 10 years.

Noah Talentino Blunt

Noah Talentino Blunt

Whats wrong with snowboarding?

Skiers, and that I can’t do it when its 75 degs out.

Sawyer Blevins Double Tail

Sawyer Blevins Double Tail




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