News Betches (July 11, 2014)

Oh dear where to begin…

It’s been a minute since we have posted anything. I guess I should apologize, a lot of you guys messaged us with questions and some ball busting (which we actually enjoy) letting us know you were bummed that we “threw in the towel”. While it was true the burnt out level had been reached; we had indeed been planning for sometime to use the summer to brainstorm on future content, adjust the functionality of the site, and inspect the positive and negative effects we have on the shred scene here in the state. This project means a lot to us. We like what we are doing and are excited to get going on next season.

Last season we affectionately branded as Year Zero. It gave us room to test things out, see what works, and what doesn’t. Year Zero didn’t count in our book as far as us judging our content or ourselves. It was kind of a science experiment. We were just gonna throw stuff at the site and see what worked. Year One approaches and we are taking the time to plan and think instead of shooting first and asking questions later. A lot happened for us last year. The site did well, surprisingly…thank you! We didn’t know if it was going to fall flat on its face or maybe do just ok or what not, but by most measures I can proudly claim that we ended up killing it.

All that site business bullshit aside, the best achievement for us is the friendships we made this year. I can say that, at least for me, I made some friendships with like- minded people that I feel I will keep for sometime…maybe till death. I mean I have some serious male love action happening. That alone has made this whole thing worthwhile. I mean I met probably 100 new people this year doing this project. I literally love 95% of you. I truly despise the rest of you and your pompous attitudes and your too cool for school bullshit, but hey…. 5% isn’t bad right? No its not. Seriously though you 95% are awesome, rad, good people and I am pretty excited to hang.

This season approaches my dudes, it really does. With a predicted winter wonderland to resemble last season we must take the time to finish preparing for our upcoming First Year. Forgive us if we are sparse for a while, but we will make it up to you with lavish, luxurious shred coverage, with writing that will rival that of the world’s best rhyme-sayers and wordsmiths.

Thanks for reading our shit and visiting our site and most importantly thank you to the people who really have supported us. We are trying to do better. If you want to be a part of MB this season get at us. If you want to send us baked goods you can do that too!

Things you may have missed while we were gone…

Oliver Dixon put out an edit that in my opinion was the shit. I mean there is some burly shit in this edit and its tastefully artsy. You don’t need to understand what I meant by that just know he did it right and your attempt at recreating the intro/ outro sequences to Love/Hate was a mistake. Anyways we are stoked on this dude and he has a lot of momentum right now. Oliver is all up in his window of opportunity and we hope he can make the most of it! Here is his edit, its stupid good!

Tribute to OD3: Oliver Dixon Full Part from Sunset Liquor & Lotto on Vimeo.

Two of our favorite young gents of the Pando fame, Evan Erickson and Jeremy Vandyke, put out their season park edits. These kids man… good dudes!



Evan Erickson Park Footy from Evan Erickson on Vimeo.

Not Michigan based, but Michigan loved… The Interior Plain Project has dropped its teaser for its up and coming Berserker collection. Pete has upped the ante and moved production of his decks to the famous plant over there in Austria also known as the Capita factory. This factory is pretty much responsible for the best boards you have ever ridden ever! No big deal…

Berserker Collection Teaser from The Interior Plain Project on Vimeo.

Affectionately coined on Facebook as the nicest kid to ever own a snowboard, Nathan Kudla put out an impressive season edit. Nate is also one of the well-known \ videographers in the scene responsible for numerous sweaty edits. He also, I believe, will be the main man behind the Total Revenue edit coming out in the fall. He can also dance the Macarena and is listed as one of Forbes most interesting men under 30. Your argument is invalid.

Nathan Kudla 2013-2014 from Nathan Kudla on Vimeo.

One of my hetero life mates Kle’ Freidt made a vide featuring some of our favorite dudes: Charlie Hoffman, Brent Behm, and Canadian snowboard superstar turned American heart throb Noah Talentino shredding the beautiful park at Nubs Nob. If anyone has a second…find Noah on tinder OK? K!

JailBait from Clay Friedt on Vimeo.

Speaking of Noah he took time away from running around with wild biker Gypsys to do his second installment of Why We Do It. Why We Do It is simply an in depth discussion on why people do what they do. A lot of us know that pursuing our dreams or interests that are less than conventional can involve a lot of blood, sweat, and tears…highs and lows. This week Noah’s subject is Charlie Hoffman. Charlie is a bous at skateboarding, snowboarding, photography, and everything he does really. Any humor or bullshit aside we respect that dude big time!

Why We Do It #2

To close this long yet necessary installment of News Betches we leave you with an edit from Dusty Miller. Last season’s edit of Dusty was top-shelf shred entertainment by anyone’s standards. This season is no exception, thanks for hanging tight with us while we sort our shit out. Winter is coming, but in the meantime watch Dusty shred!

Dusty Miller 13/14 Season Edit from Dustin Miller on Vimeo.

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