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I remember when I was little and I used to watch Nima Jalali’s part from We’re People Too on repeat. I would get so stoked that I would go in my room in the middle of summer and throw on all my snowboard shit and just stare at
myself in the mirror wishing I could be like him someday. Now he’s still a super rad dude that runs some gnarly companies and I’m still just some eighteen year old kid with the dream of making a full part half as raw as his was. I don’t know why I told that story, but I guess what I’m trying to say is that no matter how much we try to be these independent people cultivating our own style we pull inspiration from somewhere no matter what. We all have this idea of the way we want something we create to look, whether it be a snowboarding clip, a picture, or whatever you’re passionate about. This is where I start to tell you about Charlie Hoffman; he’s an exception to everything I just said. The dude is unique and honestly a guy that a lot of people can pull inspiration from. Charlie does it all: snowboards, skateboards, takes killer photos, and makes really cool videos…he can do it all. There are kids out there that are just really good at one thing and can’t do anything else. Then there are kids like Charlie who are honestly good at everything they do. I threw some questions at him and here’s what came of it.

So Charlie, tell me about you: age, profession, years snowboarding, and all that good shit.

Well, I’m currently twenty-three years of age, I work as a professional photographer / videographer / terrain park builder, I’ve been on a skateboard for about sixteen or seventeen years and I have been snowboarding for fourteen or fifteen years. I grew up skateboarding in Grosse Point and the surrounding areas of metro Detroit and have had a season pass to Nubs since I was 3 or 4.

So you work with John Curtis making some rad videos…has filming always been something you’re passionate about or is it just a job to you?

Filming is something I love and feel lucky to work with, but my true passion lies in the photography. I have always wanted to build my own darkroom in my house. If I could travel the world taking pictures that would be THE job…if you hear of one point them my way. However, I suppose that anything creative that makes good people happy I am passionate about.

You’re kind of a silent slayer when it comes to shredding; you’ll just be hanging out having fun and next thing we know you’re laying down a banger. What is it that you love about snowboarding?
Haha, silently slaying like a stealthy panther — or not. Either way, I guess the reason I ride that way is because I loved skateboarding growing up and then I learned to snowboard and was able to translate skateboarding over to snow. So I, more or less, just ride the same way I ride a skateboard, meaning that I cruise around and I have a bag of tricks that I can do for fun. I just enjoy cruising a lot whether its paved hills or powdery tree runs. Just going super fast and laying down the hardest carves possible and slashing (or hill bombs and power slides on a skateboard NOT a long board). <- Those are key to all of this skateboarding and snowboarding.

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That’s why I love snowboarding so much; everyone rides in a unique way and there is always room for progression within yourself, learning something you never thought you’d be able to do. Well, those feelings are pretty amazing and snowboarding and skateboarding, for me, are activities that just make me feel good all the time.

So I hear you’re a Rome SDS Tech Rep? Give us the down low on that and how you and Rich met and what not.

I seem like I’m the tech rep for Rome, but really I just fucking love Rome SDS. I just try to do as much as possible for Rich and Rome. Rich helps me out and makes it possible for me to ride product I want to ride and be part of cool events like Test Fest weekend. I will turn screws, talk tech, set up, be wake up crew, make coffee, and bring the McDonald’s breakfast in the morning. Also, I’m pretty sure I’ve ridden Rome boards since their second year in business.

Rich actually knew my older brother Billy and hung out with him before we became friends. So thank you Billy. We just met riding at Nubs when I was younger and then again when he came back from Tahoe. Rich is one of my favorite people to be around in general whether its car rides, skateboarding, snowboarding, drinking, or whatever else. He’s just a nice, smart dude who knows his snowboard product and rips. #BigBear

Not only can you snowboard, but some could say your true talent lies on a skateboard. Not only is skateboarding scary, but it’s hard as hell. Which one do you prefer, or is it both?

I wouldn’t say I prefer one over the other, there are just aspects that are unique to each. It’s always been awesome for me to be able to try and pull something from skateboarding into snowboarding and vice versa; a good example of how the two cross over are ollies. Ollies may be the same for snowboarding and skateboarding, but I definitely approach and look at skate-styled ollies on my snowboard such as no kickers for rails. I just try to have fun and incorporating what you’ve learned from one to the other is always interesting.

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Did the passing of Jake Clute change your outlook on snowboarding in any way?

The death of Jake Clute was extremely tragic and I wished that he had popped into the park randomly all winter. It was definitely tough for everyone who knew Jake to accept that he was actually gone. As far as how it affected my outlook on snowboarding there wasn’t too much of a change because Jake and I had been riding together for years and I knew he’d just want me to keep going fast and being myself, however it did change my outlook on humans and what’s actually important in life. We’ll just say that I quit my job the day of his funeral because my former employer was trying to get me to work instead of attending/come straight back to work after the funeral. What I really learned was that people and relationships and doing the things you love with those people you surround yourself with is what matters. So, you probably wont see me doing anything for anyone I don’t respect or doesn’t respect me. RIP JakeClute #shredtildead

Anything else you want to add or cover that I didn’t ask?

You never asked about the all black all the time thing. HAH! Now you’ll never know.

Respect the DeadPossumGang

Not much, besides you admitting to being Canadian.

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