MB welcomes Pine Knob’s Walking on Yachts crew to the family.

A few days ago a young lad named Leon Adkins hit us up on Facebook asking us to peep his edit. We did…what we discovered is that a group of young lads managed to make an edit that nearly encompassed all the ideals that we feel make up the structural integrity of snowboarding’s soul. We were blown away by the honesty and lack of a “face” this video had. These kids were stoked on friends and snowboarding…no more no less. In a day where hype just sucks on the soul and substance gives way to antics this edit was a refresher and a morality boost for us. We are pumped on the vibe these kids are livin’ on and we want you to check it.

In order to properly get these kids out there we asked Leon a few questions so everyone can have a better idea to what he and his band of friends, the Walking on Yachts crew, are all about…

What’s your name maaan?

Leon Adkins

Home Resort?

Pine Knob

Crew name?

Walking on Yachts

Riders in the Video?

Leon Adkins going into 11th
Noah Skelly going to be a senior
Jake Petz graduated high school this year
Jack Engwall graduated high school this year
Brendan Salva going to be a senior “white jacket” only in a few shots.
James Schradle going to be a senior “blue jacket” in second part only in one clip

Who filmed and edited the video?


Tell me about the group of riders… are you all friends? Are you all from the same resort?

 We all go to the same school together, Romeo High School, and through ski club we all met. I was born in Tennessee and lived there until I was six and then came to Michigan making me the new kid which made it take longer to meet everyone else. Though they don’t know, it really was Jack and Jake who started the group by getting Noah, Brendan, and James into snowboarding; being kind of like a role model in a way. I came into the mix when I was in 8th grade.  The local skate shop sponsored Jack and me and we would skate with each other everyday. This is also when I started to film with my first camera, a GoPro, and started editing.  Once I able to join up with everyone in High School it was the final piece to the puzzle. I had the hype, the camera, and the mindset which got everyone else stoked to shred and it caused good vibes to start happening which made everyone else start to ride even harder and from there we became a group. Because of that I decide that the next season I wanted to film a movie displayed that same type of energy. The coolest thing about this group is that we met and are good friends now. Jack, Jake, and I all love music. Jack and Jake play the drums or guitar and I play the bass and we record some cool stuff.

Judging by the monologue during the video you had a general statement you were trying to make with the edit…explain.

 As a whole I wanted the movie to show just a normal group of people enjoying snowboarding and the crazy winter we had. I wanted to show that nothing can confine you from doing what you want to do no matter what type of camera you have or how many times you can get to the resort hill.   All you have to do is pick up that board and camera and do it. Another point I wanted to get across was that I want Michigan and the riders to stand out. Michigan should get more credit. When you look at places like Minnesota the kids there are absolutely killing it and the park and jumps are on point and here we don’t have that as much. Don’t get me wrong we are getting better its just we seem left out.

You guys may not be new to the scene, but you are new to us here at MB…What does the next season hold for you and your crew?

We want to continue to progress and learn new tricks. We also want to go out and ride new places like Canonsburg, Bittersweet, Nubs, and Brighton. Noah and I want to do a couple contests. There are a few other people who I didn’t film that ride who are good, so you will see a few new faces next year.


Here is the video kids… enjoy! So stoked winter is coming… (Ned Stark ruined that saying for everyone).


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