Rig by Electric

Electric Rig
Electric by Rig

Who : Electric
What : Rig
Where : Your local Electric dealer
When : Starts hitting shops around 9/15/14
Why : Ergonomic Thermo-plastic Urethane Frame, Dual lens, Articulating Outriggers, Triple Layer Face Foam, Silicone Lined Strap

How : 

  • The Thermo-plastic Urethane maintains its shape and flexibility in all temps without sacrificing strength.
  • A dual lens gives you the climate control you need to keep your face warm and your goggles fog free
  • Adding the outriggers allows the goggle strap to adjust perfectly to any helmet and the silicone-beaded straps keeps them in place.
  • The difference between comfort and annoyance is in the Face Foam. The triple layered foam offers a tight seal, increased comfort, and warmth!

Personal Thoughts : I have always hated goggles (until recently) so I am incredibly picky about what I strap to my head. I’m not a fan of frames I can see while I’m wearing them so I was pleasantly surprised to get that kind of vision from a cylindrical lensed goggle. The outriggers on the side are perfect for “over-the-helmet” wear; the goggles stay in place on you face and your helmet.

*this review is my personal experience and should not be the basis of your purchase. Never buy goggles without trying them on first. Everyone’s face is shaped different, as are all the different goggle frames. Make sure to try on multiple frames and buy the one that has the right vision/fit for you. Don’t spend money on something you’re not going to want to use.

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