Ultralight 2 by Thirtytwo

UltralightUltralight 2 by Thirtytwo

Who : Thirtytwo
What : Ultralight 2
Where : Your local Thirtytwo dealer
When : Starts hitting shops around 9/15/14
Why : Dual Density Evolution Foam Outsole, Articulated Cuff, 3D Molded Tongue, Medium/Stiff Flex Performance Fit Liners

How :

  • The dual density outsole offers a bit softer Evolution Foam closer to your foot for all-day comfort cradled in the same ultra light and durable high-density foam that solidified Thirtytwo on the map.
  • When the upper and lower section of your boot shell is separate you can lace your boot tighter, this is why an articulated cuff is so important. in addition the boot shell wont distort when flexed so the sturdiness of the boot takes longer to break down.
  • The 3D tongue is pre-shaped around the liner so there’s no pinching when laced up tight, it also allows the boot to slide together better so you CAN lace you boot tighter.
  • 100% Moldable liners so the boot fits no matter the shape of your feet. Thirtytwo has added the dual Velcro straps and heel hold pockets for ultimate fit customization.


Personal Thoughts- With the growing popularity of the TM-Two (click here for review) and the technology trickling down into other boots in Thirtytwo’s line the Ultralight was shoved out the spot light.  Sole Tech took a step back and redesigned this iconic boot and it’s definitely sitting center stage once again.  Compared to the first models the Ultralight 2 is slightly softer and exponentially more comfortable. The all new liners, footbeds and dual density Evolution Foam outsole feel like wrapping your feet in marshmallows. You’ve got a few months to save up because these boots are a bit pricey, but well worth their weight in gold (well more than their weight considering they are ultra-light). *WARNING: do not try these on if you don’t have the dough, because you won’t want your feet in anything else.


*This review is strictly my personal thoughts and experience and should by no means be the reason you buy a certain boot. NEVER EVER buy boots without trying them (and other comparable boots) on in a store. Your boot is your most important piece of equipment HANDS DOWN and no matter what the company/color/lacing system the boot that fits and feels the best IS the best boot for you. Spend a little more on your boots as well if you need to ($50 goes way further in a boot than it does in a board)

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