Dukes Up Mitt by Thirtytwo

32 MittsDukes Up Mitt by Thirtytwo

Who : Thirtytwo
What : Dukes Up Mitt
Where : Your local Thirtytwo dealer
When : Starts hitting shops around 9/15/14
Why : 100% Nylon Shell, One Hand Wrist Cinch, Idiot Cords

How :

  • Nylon Shell to keep your hands dry.
  • Wrist cinches are easy to pull and release and keep your mitts in place.
  • Strap on the idiot cords so you don’t loose your mitts off the lift when you have to take that important business call.

Personal Thoughts : I’m not a big “Mitt Guy” but I did wear these around a bit and damn, these things are pretty nice. If your budget is tight and your hands get cold easy these are the solution.

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