News Betches (October 3, 2014)

Alright everyone we are back in business. This time of the year doesn’t provide a whole load of miraculous content, but we’re going to do our best to get you in on the preseason happenings that will hopefully add to your stoke for the awesome winter that is nearly at our door step. The site will continue updates and upgrades visually and mechanically for the next few weeks until snow flies.

One of our major site endeavors is going to be work to the crews section. We intend to list individual members, with a brief bio, for each crew. When we receive or find related videos they will be archived there along with any write-ups we may have done. You can help with this by writing your own bio…or don’t; we aren’t big on the writing aspect either, but it takes five minutes, so send us something.

Our Instagram is up once again and kicking ass. Please hash tag us if there are things you want us to share. We get a little salty in some of our writings, but we truly are doing this to promote Michigan’s shred scene, which in turn hopefully helps the state’s shops, resorts and riders. There is such a brief window for people looking to build a life around snowboarding, every little bit helps, so get out and do work!

I think we have a much better handle on things since our  ‘year zero’ efforts, so hopefully we can make the rounds and involve people, shops and resorts we weren’t able to last year. We’re always open to content suggestions, submissions and all that shit. You can reach us on Facebook and by email at

On an important note is an event hosted by one of the most relevant shops in the state. This Friday, People Skate and Snow will host a Videograss movie premier at the Crofoot Ballroom. This will be a ton of fun and you, as local shred, should contribute to the circle of life and go. More information can be found here.



On October 18th,not happening on plastic squares is the 3rd annual preseason rail event at Canonsburg. I firmly believe at this event riders will indeed be able to slide the features; no I am not making reference to any of the other preseason rail jams that have happened in the past few weeks. Canonsburg, in true form, will basically bring in the start of the season with what has always been a super fun rail setup followed by super fun shred related activities; mainly the premier of two local shred flicks… The Blunts, Brews and Bad News long awaited two-year video project, Black Out, and the Grand Rapids-based crew edit from the Yung Lads in Total Revenue.


I was fortunate enough to have already seen the Revenue film and it’s killer my dudes. Sam Ralston got our vote for best part, but I guess you’ll have to wait to see. Check out the teasers for the two films below…

“BLACK OUT” TEASER from Scott Smith on Vimeo.

Total Revenue Teaser from Nathan Kudla on Vimeo.

That’s really all for this week. Remember to get at us on Facebook, Instagram and

We will also have our hoodies available in our online store starting October 18th.


Oh and so we don’t leave you unsatisfied here is some killer Mitten kid edits. You’re welcome.

 Andrew Carroll

Jake Devries

Al Pal

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