GIRLSRIDETOO: Brand Highlight for MB

We are GIRLSDRIDETOO and the saying, “girls can do anything boys can do” totally rules our club. Girls like to have just as much fun and be expressive with snowboarding as guys; so this fall several of us girls from Cannonsburg Ski Area got together and formed GIRLSRIDETOO, to help the girl snowboarders stand out. Girl snowboarding is a very small niche in the snowboard scene and our goal is to grow that.

GIRLSRIDETOO is focused on building up friendships between girl riders and helping them progress. We love to mess around and do our own thing while learning new tricks and proving stereotypes wrong. We’re looking for girls who have a passion for riding and are interested in making connections with other girls.

We envision getting together one night a week for several hours and shredding Cannonsburg. Any girls ages 6 and up are encouraged to join us on the hill and hangout. The club leaders will be showing the younger ones around and keeping track of them on the hill. Parents are free to take off to enjoy a night on the hill or a night to themselves. The leaders are down to ride anywhere the girl’s skill levels meet and can’t wait to hangout with others snowboard chicks.

Snow will be falling soon and we hope to see every snowboard girl at GIRLSRIDETOO. We are dedicated to this club building a passion for snowboarding while making life long connections. If you are curious about keeping up-to-date on the club find us on Instagram and Facebook.

Hope to see you on the hill this year!



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Instagram : @girlsridetoo_

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