Shredtoberfest 2014

Once again Cannonsburg outdid themselves with this year’s annual Shredtoberfest. For those who don’t know, Shredtoberfest is a multi-generational gathering of shred addicts who converge onto the hills of Cannonsburg Ski Area for one small taste of the epicness that has eluded them for far too long…to some it feels like an eternity.

Basically the Burg trucks in a few tons of ice, shreds it into a snow like substance and blasts it all over Mother Earth’s grassy areas; add some cold hard steel and you’ve got the makings for a party. These events have always been the bomb, but every year the Burg takes feedback from the riders and makes the needed adjustments. Last year speed and options were an issue, so this year…more speed, more options.

90% of Michigan’s shred scene was in full effect: Murder Mitten, Flanel, BBnBN, Mullet Chicken, Total Revenue, Michigan Boarder, Walking on Yachts and Cruel and Unusual were all representing. Dudes from Nubs came down…actually dudes from everywhere showed up! To say Shredtoberfest was a blast wouldn’t do it justice.

The riding was what you would expect from a pre-season rail jam; sort of brutal and all over the place, but definitely not the bloodbath it was last season. Dudes and chicks alike were landing bangers here and there. Aside from a few dudes who couldn’t share and kept snaking small children it went well and was run fairly organized given the amount of people who were in attendance. I just want to say I forgot who actually won, but there was one kid who didn’t. His name is Aiden Hascall and he is going to grow up to kick some ass! That kid man in my opinion was on point.

*Note from us… go ahead and give the kids a chance. There is nothing worse than watching a grown ass man cut in front of kids that look up to you. I mean we get it, these things are a survival of the fittest but geez that was hard to watch.

Making this event even more glorious was that it was the premiere for two long awaited local edits. The crew edits from Total Revenue and Blunts Brews and Bad News. A large amount of kids packed the Burg’s cafeteria in support of these two films. The vibe was amazing and I was super proud to see everyone being so supportive of each other. This was the perfect start to the season. I cant effing wait for snow! Thanks to Cannonsburg for putting these events on. They don’t have to, but they do and I happen to know it’s a lot of hard work. Next time you see the park staff or Alycia or Steve or whomever…tell them how amazing they are!


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