News Betches (November 14, 2014)

Well, Well, Well…


Here we are kids, its time. The 14/15 winter is here. Needless to say we are super pumped. Clearly everyone knows resorts are all making the efforts to open as soon as possible. Instead of making random predictions and throwing hot dogs down hallways I am just going to state some facts… numerous resorts have confirmed they have turned snow guns on, but contrary to popular belief it is still too early to say whether or not resorts will be open by the weekend. I speak mainly of southern Michigan. The North is getting their butt kicked. Our boy Dusty Miller posted this photo from the Marquette area.  A study showed this photo has been viewed more times than that Kim Kardashian photo, but yeah, temps haven’t been right to make decent snow down here in the South…kudos to those trying anyways. Temps a bit colder in the east so we hope for the best for everyone and their respective areas! We hope for weekend openings for everyone but no one really knows right now.

Dusty pic

Bittersweet, who was one of the first southern resorts to open last year, had not begun to make snow till this evening (Thurs Night). Hopefully they can pull it out by the weekend. The Sweet has been working on some other things too. Bittersweet has partnered with Michigan Boarder to overhaul their terrain park. We will be doing this year’s park layout, overseeing the park staff hiring and we have refurbished their current stock of features. This season there will be a new kids park area serviced via towrope that will have an intelligent layout and nice features. MB will also be building new features for use this season and have begun discussions on building “Disneyland” starting this spring for use next year. As this becomes set in stone we will obviously share the details, but we have an idea that is different and fun and won’t be a blatant rip off other resorts that have set the standard for this type of park. Again this isn’t in stone, but it’s solid enough for us to mention it…and we don’t like looking like assholes, so. We are excited for the opportunity to work with one of the best hills in the state by any standards. If we can get that park dialed and that place will be the whip!


Since everyone’s local resort may not be opening this weekend it would probably be a good idea to go to Pando for their rail event happening this Saturday. If you haven’t been to Pando now is the time, it’s a super fun place! But yeah… get your ass to Pando this Saturday!


A slew of our buds made a trip to Brule for their opening. They documented the fear and loathing here in this article written by MB contributors Noah Talentino and John Curtis with brilliant imagery by a number of photogs. Check the madness here.

campfire time lapse shot by Sawyer Blevins

campfire time lapse
shot by Sawyer Blevins

Marc Moline of Antix Media just put out a self-edit from like 2010 that is so damn good. That dude is so multi-talented, between his design, video work, snowboard ability and his numerous accomplishments at Cannonsburg he just really needs a plaque somewhere.  Here is said edit…



Last, but certainly not least… The boiz at Nubs are holding their annual Manna Jam. Not only is this one of the most fun and prominent events of the early season, but it also helps to get some food into the bellies of folks who could need it this holiday season. We are going to inundate the shit out of you in the coming days leading up to it. In fact, we are going to make the Candy Crush requests you get on Facebook seem like sunshine and rainbows! Get out and get some grub, bring it to Nubs and get yo shred on!


Remember to send us your edits, photos, questions, anything at all to We have an Insta and Facebook and all that shit and please… don’t think you have to be here in our office to write for us. If your resort is having an event or something is going down you want to write about do it!






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