What is it that Michigan Boarder is trying to do?

Basically we are just trying to add some more fun and excitement to Michigan’s shred scene. We’re working to build a one stop site that will provide you with an enhanced awareness of what’s going on snowboard-wise in the state.  MichiganBoarder.com offers a round up all the events and noteworthy news in one place.

We also want to promote you!  Yeah, we’ll have Michigander industry types on here of course, but we want to showcase kids in or from Michigan that are killing it and doing something to help the scene here or anywhere else for that matter.

We have a dream of building a better community. We want you to have kids from other parts of the state at your resort.   We want you to show ‘em around, take care of ‘em, and put ‘em up (God knows that the Holiday Inn by Boyne won’t be putting up with us much longer!) and we want them to do the same for you.  We just want to get the scene more connected and make it more fun!

We are snowboarders here, real snowboarders.  It’s what we are.  We all shred.  Most of us are pretty decent.  Everyone here is a 365 snowboarder.  We know you get it!

This is year zero.

It’s gonna fucking slay!

mission!Best Regards,
Benny West
CEO/Head asshole

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