Nubs Nob Manna Jam

This past Saturday I made the trip up to Nubs Nob for their annual Manna Rail Jam. I kind of figured it was going to be your typical early season rail jam with a few runs open, a couple rails and a product toss with stickers and tees. I wasn’t expecting great conditions or anything beyond a pretty decent time. Turns out Nubs had a ton of snow, the park was packed with features and they had a truckload of swag to give away from their sponsors.

Friday night before I made the trip, John Curtis posted a picture of their park setup and of Noah Talentino sacrificing his collarbone to the snowboard gods. Although I was really bummed to hear that I wouldn’t be riding with Noah, the park setup looked ridiculously awesome. When I arrived on Saturday they had a full jump line with some rails at the end and a full run littered with rails and boxes. The Nubs Park Crew had put in some serious work (I heard something like 80hrs) and it definitely showed.

The format was pretty much the same as previous Nubs Nob rail jams I’ve been to. It consisted of sessioning a couple features at a time and getting prizes for landing tricks being that were being called out by John Curtis and Charles Beck.  Noah was on the injured list and tried his hand at being the MC / DJ. He doesn’t own turntables, so he decided to improvise and use his phone to stream Pandora. He failed…mainly because his nice mother kept calling him to check on his busted wing.

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The riding was awesome and I’m truly amazed at how good those younger guys are. Grant Uberroth was there. He made the trip from Bay City and was throwing down. He also walked away as the proud winner of a brand new board.

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Paul Dobry and Brent Behm were also present along with Marc Moline who showed up for a bit doing some product testing on his new Antix board.

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Then there was Dan Pandzic. Although Dan has no idea how to play paper, rock, scissors he does know how to snowboard. He has one of the best attitudes on the hill and shreds just as hard.  

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Nubs Nob has a different vibe than a lot of other resorts. Mainly because of the locals and park crew. They welcome everyone with open arms and are constantly getting you hyped on shredding. It doesn’t matter to any of them how good you are, what outerwear your rocking, or the board your riding. They’re all just pumped to have you up there shredding with them. John Curtis and his crew work really hard for their park and it shows. I suggest if you go on a trip up north this winter that you stop by Nubs to check it out for yourself. You won’t be disappointed.

Manna Jam 2014 from Shortstack Media on Vimeo.

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