Nixon 51-30 Chrono

51-30 allblack


51-30 highpolishWho : Nixon
What : 51-30 Chrono
Where : Your local Nixon dealer
When : Available now
Why : 6 Hand Japanese Quartz, Left side Crowns, 300M, 25mm stainless steel band.
How : 6 hand Japanese quartz movement, a second subdial, chrono and date means you’re equipped for any mission.

  • 51-30 blackgoldNixons unique crown positioning on the left side of the bezel for added comfort and to avoid wrist bite plays up the little details we strive for and further strengthens our team-design, custom-built point of view.
  • 300M ATM since there are “tide” versions of this watch so it needs to able to handle som high quality H2O.
  • The watch can’t stay on without a high quality band. Stainless steel is strong and looks good.

Personal Thoughts : I love big watches. I like the look, that little extra weight, and if anyone messes with you a large watch-to-the-dome will back em off real quick. All seriousness though this is a great watch with a unique look and comes in a couple styles (Tide or Chrono). Nixon also offers it in s Stainless, Leather, or PU band. If you’re not one for big watches don’t worry, they have 3 other smaller sizes. Check the 48-20, 42-20, and 38-20!

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