News Betches (december 13)

‘Sup dudes! Sorry about the infrequent news bitching, but…we hungry, we tryin’ ta eat! We got that snowboard bug and with the holidays being here we got a little behind, but we good now. Oh yeah, plus we’re doing Bittersweet’s terrain park, so you can imagine we are busier than a one-legged man trying to push a wheel barrel.

Pic 1 Flanel

So yeah, Bittersweet is looking ok, way better than before anyways. We don’t have a ton of snow, but it’s aight! Some of the Flanel boys showed up yesterday and dropped a bunch of hammers. Can’t wait to see that edit! We will have a full write up with photos early this week…ya dig? Shout out to our boi Scotty Saegar who broke his collarbone getting shots for MLive yesterday. They happened to be there as well and did a little write up on Bittersweet. You can peep the link here. Scotty got that cover shot though!

In other Bittersweet related news we did a small piece on our good friend Trevor, aka T-Woo, Rhoda. Trevor was an outstanding snowboarder who received a head injury at the hands of a kink rail. He was featured in “The Crash Reel” with Kevin Pearce. Take a minute to learn a little bit about our bud!

Pic 2

Cannonsburg’s Alycia Choroszucha had a photo make it onto Snowboarder Magazine’s “21 Terrain Park Photos of the week” section. That’s gotta be a good feeling. >

That place does it right. Shit they even got this going on…


Oh and in case you’ve been snowboarding and not on the interwebs get a load of these opening day edits. They are so absurd. The talent there is ridiculous.

Pando’s yearly legacy event continues on this year with the 3rd installment of Occupy Pando. This event is a down and dirty grass roots type of event. Whether you go to ride or watch the bottom line is your attendance is mandatory! Good people doing good things! Support our shred scene by gracing them with your presence.


One of our favorite things to do is add new crews to the roster. Michigan Boarder would like to officially welcome the Dirt Eaters to the family. Welcome home dudes! As is custom, here is an introductory edit…


Dirt Eater himself Ron Fleming put a super fun edit together of friends shredding out west this summer. Featuring the likes of Alec Ash, Paul Dobry, Sam Boerema and Kristen Theos it’s a chill watch!

I feel like it’s been customary to close down our News Betches with a pretty top shelf edit. Sometimes depending on what part of the season we are in this can be trifling. Not today bitches!

Adam Rottschafer

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