Flanel X Bittersweet X Michigan Boarder


Just a couple of weekends ago, December 12th to be exact, a handful of members from the exalted Flanel crew made their way to Bittersweet Ski Resort to do some early season shredding. Oddly enough, the Shwizz is home to one of the newest members of the Flanel crew, Mac Eckstrand, but not one of the arriving members had actually ever been there before. We can’t really blame them.

Aron___Bittersweet hasn’t really been anything to write home about; with a once revered park and a heavy roster of some of the Mitten’s finest talent its reputation in the past couple of years has diminished drastically. When resorts like Cannonsburg and Nubs Nob began stepping up their park game Bittersweet became just another so-so resort in comparison. Being that the founding members of MB call Bittersweet their home resort, we set out to change the path that our beloved resort was heading down. Late in the fall, MB struck a deal with Bittersweet to oversee the management and design of their terrain park.

Charlie2Aside from a general lack of snow, Bittersweet’s terrain park has done a complete 180 in comparison to last year. We attribute this positive shift to the management’s willingness to work with MB and in the fortuity of finding such a solid park crew. We’re excited to keep the park growing and are working to meet a standard of quality, but our main goal is to shoot for the stars next season. It is our hope to be able to hold a candle to the above-mentioned resorts, which we’ve been so impressed by, not in any kind of competition but in reverence.

Back to Flanel…

Charlie3Having the Flanel guys down was super exciting! I compare it being a kid and having your buddy to your house for the first time. We weren’t sure what our house looked like compared to theirs and we didn’t know if we had everything picked up, but we still had them over and kinda just waited like “so… whadda ya think”. Ha ha, seriously though, we were super pumped. We haven’t had visitors in a long time.

Matt Miller, Aaron Senchuk, Jack Harris, Tyler May, Mike Harrington and our beloved Charlie Hoffman all made the trip and man they showed up hungry. Aside from Charlie being his relaxed self everyone else was there, on the lift, strapped in and fucking at it! These guys hot-lapped and hiked and didn’t stop. It was hammer after hammer. Thank god papa Mike made an edit, so I don’t have to describe it all but seriously… bloodbath.


It was definitely cool to have folks interested in the Sweet again and even better to have a chance to kick it with these suave fuckers at our place of shred. Hopefully winter will decide to kick into gear so we can make this a regular thing.



Edit: Mike Harrington

Photo: Jon Mollema


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5 Responses to "Flanel X Bittersweet X Michigan Boarder"

  1. Wtf  February 11, 2015 at 2:03 am

    Worst Park in the Midwest. Spend 2 hours grooming stupid shit NOBODY is even hitting! Seriously there is not one track into over half of your rails in 4+ hours!!! Go to cannonsburg, maybe they can teach you how to build features people like! I hope bittersweet doesn’t pay their Park crew. # see you at cannonsberg next year

  2. BennyWest  February 12, 2015 at 2:10 am

    LOL @WTF

    “Worse park in the midwest”… Thats funny. I don’t understand why people (you) don’t have the nuts to post shit like this under your name. I won’t validate your statement with argument. People are going to hate but man your kind of a bitch.

  3. jb  March 24, 2015 at 2:40 pm

    No shit! “park crew” spends hours grooming shit nobody is hitting. 2 foot drops off boxes next to bunny hill tow rope??? Your park is all advanced stuff, why are all the fun plastic/box rails sitting at the bottom of the hill? Ski patrol is the only ones who love the bs park. Injuries are way down, because nobody hits anything.

  4. BennyWest  March 28, 2015 at 12:35 am

    Yeah, ok… We have a plan for that next year. Groomer time is a serious issue at Bittersweet. The Baby park hill isn’t very steep so in order to have quality landings they have to be put on mounds. The boxes get used so much with by such a various skill level group its impossible to keep it right with a shovel.The groomers often over look many of the landings at bittersweet. The baby park will be steeper and be filled with more boxes for beginners. As far as nobody hitting the stuff… I am not sure if you have seen the hundreds of pictures that have been circulating the inter webs and the tons of praise the Bittersweet park crew has received but its substantial. There is a ton of room for improvement however. Lots of focus going into entry to intermediate features for riders for next year.

  5. BennyWest  March 28, 2015 at 12:39 am

    PS man if your gonna comment twice make sure you do more than make two logins… K.

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