Diode EST by Burton

Diode EST
Diode EST by Burton

Who: Burton
What: Diode EST
Where: Your Local Burton Dealer
When: Currently in stock!
Why: EST Baseplate with The Hinge, Carbon Fiber/Nylon Highback, Hammock Strap, Shred Bed 3.0


  • With no plate under your feet the EST baseplate gives you ultimate flex and feel for your board.
  • The Hinge is a 2 part base/heelloop design that allows the heel to flex from side to side making for smoother turns and a “skateboard like” pop when ollieing your board.
  • By mixing the best properties of nylon and carbon into the highback you get ultimate strength and response without adding unnecessary weight!
  • Padding can slow you bindings down from edge to edge. By shaping the strap correctly you get ultimate comfort and a strap that is extremely quick edge-to-edge.
  • Fully re-ground materials in the foot bed make for an eco friendly pad that offers the perfect blend of quickness and cushioning.

Personal Thoughts: After riding the Genesis this was a natural next step. This is a binding for someone who wants to get from edge-to-edge NOW!  Very stiff and very stable. The straps are the most comfortable straps I’ve ever had around my feet. It feels as if you are standing on your board with your boots laced tight. Over all this is a great binding for the quickest edge to edge response, personally I still like the smoother feel of the Genesis more but this is a close 2nd. For anyone not riding a Burton board with the Channel don’t’ worry, it comes in a Re-flex model so you can enjoy the amazingness on any board (no Hinge on Re-Flex model though)!

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